Why do you need to filter your tweets?

When your company is providing customer support on Twitter, your handle probably gets a lot of mentions every day. Not all these mentions are from customers who are looking for support. Some of these tweets can be from people seeking a job opportunity with your company, from agencies looking to engage in a marketing campaign, or from casual Twitter users who are never shy of sharing a piece of their mind.

For your support team, it becomes a nightmare to manually look at all these tweets and separate the ones that require immediate action from those that don’t. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if this entire process of identifying and filtering relevant tweets was automated by your helpdesk solution?

How does Social Signals work?

Social Signals is powered by a machine learning algorithm that reads a company’s tweets and learns continuously to distinguish between casual/less urgent mentions and more serious attempts to seek actual help. Here’s how Social Signals tells you which tweets need your attention the most:

It auto-scans and filters all your mentions

Social Signals reads each and every tweet where your company’s handle is mentioned and automatically recognizes the relevant tweets based on its inbuilt AI algorithm. These tweets are converted into tickets, and everything else is filtered out making sure your support team doesn’t have to spend excessive time on irrelevant mentions.

It assigns filtered tweets to the right people

Once you enable social signals, you get the nifty option to assign the filtered tweets to a specific agent group within your company. For example, if you have a handle where a majority of the tweets are about refunds or payment related issues, you can choose to assign these tickets to the payments division of your support team.

It learns from your feedback

Social Signals learns from the feedback provided to its predictions, and adapts to suit your business better. For example, if Social Signals converts a tweet into a ticket and notices an agent marking it as spam, it will learn to not convert similar tweets into tickets in the future.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up Social Signals in your Freshdesk account.