Track mentions of your brand

Tweet back to the people tweeting at you without leaving your helpdesk, and have all mentions neatly converted into tickets.

track mentions of your brand 2x

Take part in conversations about you

Track certain words or phrases to easily find and participate in conversations involving you, your competitors or your industry in general.

take part in conversations about you 2x

Enjoy complete Twitter functionality

Use your helpdesk to do everything from retweeting and favoriting, to pulling up past threads, beginning new conversations and viewing tweet statistics.

enjoy complete twitter functionality

Calculate and improve agent productivity

Organize tweets

Set up rules to identify tweets containing certain keywords and have them routed to agents in your helpdesk groups.

Twitter DMs

Using Freshdesk, you can automatically convert direct messages coming within a certain time frame to a single ticket.

Agent productivity

Make use of standard productivity features like canned responses and solution articles for customer support on Twitter.