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Having support processes and customer data scattered across different tools will hurt the quality of support you provide. With multiple tools having different routing capabilities, agents might be overloaded during peak hours. Wouldn't it be more convenient if agents didn't have to switch tools to handle customer queries efficiently across channels?

Freshdesk unifies all your information

With Freshdesk’s omnichannel helpdesk, your agents can reply to emails, answer customer calls and chat with customers right within Freshdesk. You can always access past interactions with any customer on any channel. Agents can follow up with customers and keep track of conversations by converting them into tickets.

Email support

Freshdesk converts every support email into a trackable ticket that you can manage and execute tasks on. Unlike your email inbox, every email here will be categorized, prioritized and assigned to specific support agents. The service level agreements ensure that responses to customer requests are never delayed. 

email support

Phone support

Set up a fully functional call center on the cloud that is tightly integrated with Freshdesk using the phone channel. You can port or buy support numbers anywhere in the globe and answer calls right within Freshdesk. Agents can record calls, attach them to tickets, and easily access contextual data such as recent conversations with the customer.

Chat Support


With Freshdesk's chat messenger, engage with customers who are on your website, in-app, or mobile platform. Proactively start conversations with your customers and engage them before they contact you. With events timeline, user information, and social profiles, agents get complete context about every customer, enabling them to have better conversations. 

Website support

You can provide a quicker way for customers to reach you by integrating Freshdesk to a knowledge base. Customers can see relevant articles as they type in a ticket form and get answers quickly without having to wait for a response from an agent. You can add this support tab in your web app, and anywhere else your customers might need to contact you.

Facebook & Twitter support

Freshdesk makes it easy for your team to support customers on Facebook and Twitter. Automation rules monitor important posts & tweets and bring them to your attention immediately.

Bring customer tweets into Freshdesk

Facebook and Twitter support helpdesk

Balance agent load across channels

Support admins can easily configure agent load for emails, calls and chats under one-roof and auto-assign tickets based on agents' existing ticket-load. This gives freedom to agents to resolve customer requests across channels based on their availability and bandwidth. With a faster response time across channels, you will be able to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

Provide a unified experience 

With no more alt-tabbing between channels, your agents can respond to requests in a faster, more streamlined fashion. Admins can switch agents across channels during rush hours to ensure agents aren't overwhelmed. By handling support requests across phone, chat and email, under one roof, you can deliver a unified experience for your customers.