Here's how Omniroute™ helps

Customer support requests received through emails, chats, and calls will automatically be distributed among your agents based on their workload. If an agent is on a call, Omniroute™  will ensure that they don't receive new requests until the call is over. You can set a workload limit for each agent on any given channel, and ensure that they're not overworked.

Omnichannel support, then and now

Omnichannel support is improving customer experience tremendously, by making it easier for customers to engage with a company. However, orchestrating support via different channels is a constant struggle for support teams. As a result, today, many companies fail to meet customer expectations across different channels.

Imagine agents being overwhelmed when chats or tickets are assigned to them when they’re busy on a phone call. Or the plight of a manager having to constantly monitor the volume of enquiries in each channel to manage the team workload. For support managers and agents alike, managing different channels isn’t easy. With the routing mechanism for chats, calls and tickets under three different admin pages, they find it difficult to plan efficiently. Thanks to this they spend most of their time putting out fires, and that’s a terrible waste of time and effort

Introducing different channels should make customer support as convenient for the agent as it is for a customer. That’s why we built Omniroute™, a solution that makes managing multiple channels a cakewalk. Instead of having to independently assign chats, phone calls and ticket load in different windows, Omniroute™ allows for admins to manage them under one roof. It is essentially an intelligent routing mechanism, that optimizes for agent effectiveness while being mindful of their workload. 

One place to route enquiries from different channels

Support admins can manage customer enquiries from different channels as conveniently as agents can- from a single window. By setting a limit on the maximum number enquiries that agents handle from different channels, you can assure that agents will never be overwhelmed by support issues. In essence, you create a work environment where your agents are able to work with every customer enquiry efficiently. 

Omniroute agent dashboard

Intelligent rules that do the heavy lifting

Omnichannel support requires support teams to plan their team structure and handle rush hours differently. These problems typically require managers to frequently toggle between admin settings for different channels. With Omniroute™ though, admins will no longer have to stretch themselves that way. Routing is optimized, so agents aren’t overwhelmed with the number of enquiries that they have to work with. In addition, it is mindful of the agent's efficiency and accounts for the agents' skill. Omniroute™ ensures that agents aren’t distracted by customer enquiries when they’re busy on a call, or have reached their optimum capacity with regard to the number of enquiries they’re able to work with. 


Omniroute load balance

Other popular features

Balance agent workload better 

Define a maximum number of customer requests for each agent from all channels based on their available bandwidth. 

Avoid overloads during rush hours

Prevent rush hours from overwhelming your agents. Omniroute™ can auto-assign tickets to agents with lighter loads when necessary

Prevent agent interruptions

Omniroute™ checks if agents are already on a call with a customer and will not interrupt them by assigning more tickets 

Help customers avoid repetitions

Customers will not have to repeat themselves since agents can capture the context of every single interaction in the form of notes with After-Call-Work. 

Cool down period for agents

Omniroute™ gives an option to stop assigning tickets for your agents before they wind up their shift or after business hours

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