Freshdesk’s Analytics gears you towards action

With Omnichannel analytics, you get insights on performance across channels in one unified reporting experience. You’ll know when trends in one channel affect another. For instance, you’ll know if an increase in call volume affects ticket response time. 

Monitor performance in real-time

Get a birds-eye view of your team’s performance across channels. For example, if there's a spike in chat volume you can reroute those issues to the right agents who can help cover the extra load. This leads to faster response times and happier customers.



Identify the right issue with meaningful reports  

Sometimes, knowing what to measure can be the hardest part of making data-driven decisions. With Omnichannel analytics, you have access to meaningful reports that will help you get to the bottom of support issues. You can rest assured that you’re making the decisions that are certain to improve your team’s performance.


Custom Reports

Build powerful reports with metrics across channels

You can create beautiful reports from scratch. Every metric can be customized, every widget can be visualized differently, and you can drill-down into any issues that you spot on a report. You can customize and compare, chat, and phone, and ticket metrics from across channels to identify the right areas of improvement. 



Nifty features that make for a better reporting experience 

Drill down up to 3 levels

Save time from having to create reports from scratch. You can filter and drill-down to quickly identify issues. 

Schedule your reports

Have your most important reports delivered regularly to your inbox by setting up schedules. Get your reports in a PDF format that includes data visualizations.

Slice and dice

Apply filters and operators to your data as you go. Delve deeper and glean insights from your data along with the ‘AND’, ‘OR’, & ‘NOT’ operators, to sift through the complexity of the data.