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Built for omnichannel from the ground up

With Freshdesk’s out-of-the-box omnichannel solution, managing customer communications across different channels is incredibly easy. It’s built from the ground-up to deliver a consistent customer experience so customers won't have to repeat themselves and agents have full context of customer need, no matter how the request comes in. Admins can easily set up workflows to support customers efficiently across email, phone, chat, messaging, social media, and more -- with new channels constantly added. Freshdesk makes it easy to scale customer experiencing in a rapidly multiplying omnichannel world to deliver the best experience to your customers.

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Context across every touchpoint

With Freshdesk’s omnichannel timeline, you’ll never spend time asking customers to repeat themselves. Agents can see the customer journey across all channels, from the website, mobile, chat, social media, and more. With this context, agents can be more proactive, and they can help customers faster. Your customers will be amazed at how effortless their experience is. 

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Instant help across all channels

With Freshdesk, self-service isn’t restricted to an FAQ section on your website. You can offer self-service for customers with varied preferences through your knowledge base, a web-widget, chat, messaging, bots, and even on the phone! Customers can help themselves regardless of how they choose to contact you. Not only will you be offering customers the option to choose their preferred channel for support, but you’ll also deflect repetitive questions that are important to answer, but that can nevertheless consume precious agent bandwidth.

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Accelerate agent efficiency 


Happy employees make for happy customers. With Freshdesk, frontline support agents have a tool that they love, that saves them time and reduces repetitive work. They can easily work through their tickets, switch between channels, and keep tabs on customer issues. Whether they need to help a customer over the phone, e-mail, chat, or any other channel, they have all the context they need to anticipate and resolve customer issues quickly.

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Delight customers with AI and bots

Our chatbots are designed for engagement, not just deflection. Freddy AI can understand customer intent, and our bots help meet customer need with precise answers (instead of a list of confusing FAQs). Freddy AI is smart enough to guide customers through a series of helpful steps to resolve their issue,  or to know when customers are frustrated and should be transfered to a live agent. Best of all, Freshworks bots don’t require coding and you can get them set up in no time for a great omnichannel experience.

Let Omniroute do the heavy lifting

Omniroute automatically assigns phone calls, chat messages and e-mail tickets to the right agents in your team. Omniroute load-balances and optimizes for agent effectiveness while being mindful of their workload. By setting a limit on the number of inquiries by channel agents are allowed to handle, you can be assured that customer needs are prioritized and agents will never be overwhelmed when working across multiple modes of communication.

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Everything you need to be available for your customers 

Say goodbye to a cluttered inbox

Easily keep track of customer emails by turning them into tickets. Make sure no issue slips through the cracks. Your customers will continue to receive email-based support that is familiar and friendly.

A modern messaging experience

Customers today want support on popular messaging apps. With Freshchat and our WhatsApp integration, you can deliver support globally - at scale. 

Be available on every webpage

With the help web widget, support customers directly from your website by surfacing solution articles and a contact form. Your customers get instant help and your support team gets fewer tickets.

Ensure you never leave them hanging

You can port or buy support phone numbers in any area code worldwide, and answer calls from right within Freshdesk. With service levels for phone, you can ensure you’re always promptly answering.

Help, even if they don’t mention it 

AI-powered social signals monitor important tweets and bring them to your attention immediately. We filter out the noise across every social mention, so that only real customer issues are prioritized and singled out.