Support multiple products

Provide support for all your products without having to maintain multiple helpdesks. Use a single dashboard to keep track of and respond to multiple mailboxes.

Manage multiproduct support

Manage expectations better

Manage customer expectations by setting up custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that reflect your business priorities and make sure no query goes unanswered.

Set SLAs to deliver on customer expectations

Reduce the volume of incoming tickets

Empower customers to instantly solve problems on their own using solution articles that answer common queries and facilitate forums where customers can help each other.

Encourage customers to help themsleves using self service

Work together and resolve faster

Collaborate with other teams across the company, and outside, to resolve customer issues much faster with advanced features like Shared Ownership and Team Huddle.

Discuss and collaborate to resolve issues faster

Get help when you need it

Day Passes let you bring in occasional agents when you need extra sets of hands. You can plan for times when you’re expecting increased ticket volumes and distribute the workload better.

Manage occasional agents with day passes

Global support made simple

Remote customer support

Regardless of where the members of your support team are located, you can provide your customers with seamless experiences by facilitating remote support with Freshdesk.

Customized email notifications

Delight customers by using their preferred language when sending them automated email notifications. Freshdesk will automatically detect customer’s language.

Multichannel support

Manage customer interactions on multiple channelslike email, chat, phone and social media without having to switch between several tools and applications.