What would you do, today?

And give them complete access to everything that your full-time agents can do? That way you can see who added which solution to your knowledge base, or identify the go-to person to follow up on a ticket. Even if they are outside your core support team.

Introducing the Freshdesk Day Pass

You can go outside your core support team and invite just about anybody from your organization to your customer support carnival by purchasing day passes starting from $2. The best part is, you get 3 FREE DAY PASSES the moment you sign up!

Rope in the experts to add solutions and solve critical problems. Or just get a few more hands onboard on those support-heavy days. It’s your carnival and you get to pass the invites. 

And there are absolutely no obligations as to how many you buy or limits to how and when you use your Day Pass. Buy as many Day Passes you want to, use them as you will, and enjoy your carnival without worrying about scaling your customer support.

Go ahead, add occasional agents when you need them

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