Why do small businesses need a helpdesk software?

After having a positive experience with a company, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend — Temkin Group

Sometimes, customer enquiries can slip through the cracks. Occasionally, you might find an enquiry, hours after a customer contacted you. We understand that it can get difficult to manage your customer issues at times.

With a helpdesk software like Freshdesk, your team will find it easy to send prompt and personalised responses to every single customer. Ensuring every customers of yours has a great experience becomes much easier.

What you can do with Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, you can work with customer enquiries coming in from email, phone, social media, chat, your website or app, from the convenience of a single window. Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and organize customer conversations based on your convenience.

Freshdesk’s reports will help you validate your teams’ performance, ticket trends, and customer happiness. This data will enable you to take decisions that are best suited for your customers, and ultimately, your business.

Manage social easily Manage social easily

Here’s what Freshdesk’s free plan offers

Multi-channel support

With a free help desk software, you can respond to customer enquiries from multiple channels like email, phone, chat, and social media from the convenience of a single window. You don’t have to constantly remind yourself to check these different channels for customer enquiries.


Automations can take care of Routine tasks and improve your team’s productivity. In Freshdesk’s free helpdesk plan, automations prioritize enquiries based on what your customers write to you about, auto-send personalised emails and assign enquiries to the right person in your team.


In the free plan, you will have access to reports that will give you insights on your response times, ticket volume, SLA compliance based on your team members’ performance.


Create a knowledge base and enable customers to help themselves. This way, your customers get answers to their questions instantly, and the volume of simple enquiries you receive will reduce.


Integrate your Freshdesk account with different tools that you may need to work with. Boost your productivity by choosing from over 300 apps on our marketplace.

24x7 Support

Regardless of whether you choose our free plan or our highest paid plan, should you have any questions, our Support team has got you covered. We’re available to help you 24x7 over email and 24x5 over phone and chat.

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