The Perfect Boost for Three Guys with a Mailbox

What's the catch? There is no catch!

Your first three agents get all the refreshing superpowers they need to wow your customers. Like best-in-class email ticketing, powerful automations and intelligent out-of-the-box workflows. You even get to share your genius with customers in your own knowledge base, and help them help themselves through your branded self service portal. Just about everything you need... For Free!

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That Four Letter F Word

How about a Free Support Software for life?

If you are just three guys struggling to find a good enough customer support software, chances are you've been torn bad enough, between tools that give you too little, and those that just cost you a bomb. Freshdesk is FREE as free goes. There are no hidden charges, no under-the-belt add ons, and no uncharitable schemes. You support your customers like a pro, except instead of paying through your nose, you get a FREE help desk software with Freshdesk. You can say that again - Your monthly cost with Freshdesk is exactly zero dollars. Including taxes!

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