Why does a growing business need a free ticketing system?

When your business is just starting out, you might think that email is the best channel for managing customer communication. Naturally, a cost-effective solution like a shared inbox could seem like the perfect tool to engage with customers and offer support. 

However, you can’t continue to rely on Gmail or Yahoo alone to manage the rising volume of customer requests. The complex folder structures and color codes can actually end up causing more confusion than improving visibility and efficiency. 

Plus, as your business grows, more customers will reach out to you on social media, and expect customer support on phone, chat, and other channels. Offering assistance on multiple channels and getting relevant insights using a shared inbox requires multiple, complex integrations. 

Free ticketing software Free ticketing software

Using a tool with more capabilities — like a free helpdesk software or ticketing software will make it easier for you to handle all your customer interactions.


3 reasons why businesses upgrade from shared inboxes to a cloud-based ticketing system: 

Visibility: 70.5% of businesses move to gain better visibility with the ability to assign, prioritize and track tickets in one place.

Scalability: 50% of businesses want to scale their support operations without growing their teams.

Analytics: 47% of businesses move to a web-based helpdesk to analyze data and get granular insights.

Source: https://freshdesk.com/resources/customer-service-statistics

How does a helpdesk ticketing system work?

Let’s say your customers reach out to you on email, Facebook, and Twitter. Without an omnichannel view, your agents need to visit each of these platforms to communicate with customers, missing crucial context on what happened in a previous or parallel interaction. 

On the other hand, with a ticketing system, each time a customer reports an issue on any of these three channels, your ticketing software will automatically convert the issue into a ‘ticket’. Customer conversations or tickets across all these channels are streamlined into a single view, eliminating the need to jump back and forth between tabs or different applications. You can assign a ticket to an agent, prioritize it, and track progress with clear updates. 

In addition to viewing the ongoing customer conversation, you have easy access to historic customer conversations, and other relevant information that enables you to offer an omnichannel experience and improve customer satisfaction.  

Instead of moving to a ticketing software after developing a backlog, using a free ticketing tool right from the start can help you avoid problems and provide great customer experiences. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a penny for it! At Freshdesk, we have a free forver plan that offers powerful features that can help you deliver the best customer experiences. 

  To sum up, here are the top six benefits of using a free ticketing solution:

How can Freshdesk help you provide great customer service?

Handle email and social media tickets easily

Freshdesk converts all incoming emails and social media conversations or mentions into tickets that can be monitored, and resolved quickly. 

Using workflow automations, you can automate ticket routing and assign incoming tickets across different channels to the right team and the right agent.  

Freshdesk makes ticket tracking more intuitive by enabling agents to change the status, priority, and edit other ticket properties to improve transparency and ensure that no conversations slip through the cracks.

Ticketing screen Ticketing screen

Collaborate on an issue without losing context

Sometimes, to resolve a ticket, support agents might have to work with other teams or get help from someone who is not part of your organization. While collaborating on an issue, you often need to spend time explaining the context of each customer issue to one or more people.

With a ticketing system, your team can swiftly collaborate on an issue right from the ticket interface. So when a person is looped in on a conversation, they can understand the complete context of the problem on their own. This also saves time for your team, and eliminates the need to switch between tools.

collaborate-with-ease collaborate-with-ease

Deflect basic questions

Customers today prefer resolving issues on their own. With an exhaustive knowledge base, your customers can find the answers to their questions by themselves. This reduces the inflow of basic how-to questions, and gives your team more time to focus on complex issues.

Plus, when your free helpdesk ticketing system has an inbuilt knowledge base, your team can easily create and update solution articles right from the product.

self service portal self service portal

Measure metrics that matter to your team

In customer service, it is important to track and measure progress. Freshdesk will help you stay on top of metrics related to ticket creation, deletion, and ticket lifecycle. This can help you assess the volume of incoming tickets and optimize your team’s efficiency.


Using a live dashboard, you also monitor real-time trends, identify potential bottlenecks and prevent them from snowballing. 

measure important metrics measure important metrics

Are you looking for a helpdesk software solution to manage internal service requests?

Freshdesk is a customer service software that helps you manage customer support requests.

If you need an IT service management and asset management software, then check out Freshservice by Freshworks. Freshservice is a
SaaS-based ITSM and ITIL-aligned service desk that is perfect for small businesses looking to support employees remotely.

What more can you achieve with Freshdesk’s free plan?

Answer repetitive questions faster

Create canned responses for FAQs and answer them in a click instead of typing the same message repeatedly.

Stay on top of all tasks

Make ticket management easier by setting reminders to make calls, follow up with customers or other teams with a to-do list.

Offer support on the go

Resolve tickets when you’re away from your desktop using the Freshdesk mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Expand your capabilities

Integrate with 650+ apps, such as CRM and billing management software, hosted our Marketplace to access custom data.

Onboard new agents easily

Leverage Freshdesk's internal knowledge management and user-friendly UI to ramp up new support agents in no time.

Frequently asked questions about free ticketing software

Is Freshdesk a free ticketing software?

Freshdesk has a free plan that offers everything you need to get your customer support up and running smoothly. This includes intuitive email and social media ticketing management, an easy-to-publish knowledge base, and one-click reports. The paid plans start from $15 per agent, per month. 

What is a free support ticket system?

A support ticket system is a software that enables you to track and manage your customer support tickets with ease. 

Those support ticketing systems that offer a free edition cater to the needs of small businesses that are customer-oriented but lack resources to invest in a paid tool.

For instance, with Freshdesk’s free plan, you can deliver fast, personalized customer service on email and social media, enable customer self-service with a knowledge base, and monitor performance with intuitive reporting.

How many users can you add on your free help desk ticketing software?

This depends on the number of user licenses your free plan offers (typically around 3-5). However, on Freshdesk’s free plan, you can add an unlimited number of users.

How long does it take to implement a free help desk ticketing software?

Freshdesk’s free plan is designed to enable you to go live in a few days. The in-built onboarding can help you get your customer support up and running in no time. Plus, Freshdesk’s intuitive UI makes it easy for you and your team to get familiar with the platform. However, other free ticketing software options might require hand-holding and might take a week or more to implement. 

Why should solopreneurs and freelancers use a free help desk ticketing software?

As a small business owner, you’re likely to have a long to-do list to get through each day. With a busy inbox, it might be difficult for you to have personalized conversations or even stay up to date with each customer or client’s requirements/updates. 

Here’s where a help desk software comes in and helps you track and manage your customer conversations in a streamlined way with tags, categories, and time-stamps that give you more visibility. 

A free help desk ticketing software enables you to do this and more at $0. With Freshdesk, you can engage with customers on email and social media, field FAQs with a knowledge base, and keep track of how you’re doing with reporting.