Why does a growing business need a free ticketing software?

When your business is just starting out, you might think that email is the best channel through which you can engage your customers. However, as your business grows, customers are likely to reach out to you through phone, chat, or look for your brand on social media. You might find it increasingly difficult to handle all your customer interactions with only a mailbox, and will need a tool with more capabilities—like a helpdesk or ticketing software.

A ticketing software or a helpdesk software is a tool that helps you manage customer conversations across channels.

Instead of migrating to a ticketing software after chaos unfolds, using a ticketing software right from the start can help you avoid problems and also provide great customer experiences. 

Free ticketing software

The best part is that you don’t have to pay a penny for it! At Freshdesk, we have a freemium plan for small and medium businesses that offers an unlimited number of agent seats along with features, that can help you deliver the best customer experiences. You can prioritize and assign customer conversations to the respective teams and agents. More importantly, while resolving an issue, your team can view the other requests raised from the customer, thus having the complete context to provide an omnichannel experience.  

How can Freshdesk help you provide great customer service?

Handle your customer conversations with ease

Freshdesk records all conversations from different channels like email, phone, chat, and social media within a single tool. You can set up workflows that route tickets from different channels to the right team and right agent.

Also, while conversing with a customer, an agent can change the status and priority, and edit other properties to help track and manage customer conversations better.

Ticketing screen

Collaborate on an issue without losing context

Sometimes, to resolve a ticket, your team might have to work together or seek help from someone who is not part of your organization. While collaborating on an issue, you often need to spend time setting the context to one or more people.

With a ticketing software, your team can collaborate on an issue right from the ticket interface. So when a person is looped in on a conversation, he or she can get the context of the issue on their own. This also saves time for your team, and eliminates the need to switch between tools.


Deflect the basic questions

Customers today prefer resolving issues on their own. With a vast knowledge base and self-service portal, your customers can find the answers to their questions by themselves. This reduces the inflow of basic how-to questions, and gives your team more time to focus on complex issues.

Plus, when your ticketing software has an inbuilt knowledge base, your team can easily create and update solution articles right from the product.

self service portal

Measure metrics that matter to your team

In customer service, it is important to track and measure progress. Freshdesk will help you stay on top of metrics related to ticket creation, deletion, and ticket lifecycle. This can help you assess the volume of incoming tickets and optimize your team’s efficiency.

With advanced reporting features, you can gauge the performance of your team and the individual members, and plan workflows accordingly.   

A dashboard can help you monitor real-time trends, identify potential bottlenecks and prevent them from occurring.

measure important metrics

Streamline your social media conversations

When your brand has a wide social presence, it can get hard for your team to cut through the noise and reply to customers who need help or are unhappy.

With a ticketing software that has social integration, your team can add relevant keywords from Twitter and Facebook that you’d like to monitor. This filters all the important posts and tweets and converts them into tickets which can be assigned to your social team.

Streamline your social media conversations

Here’s what you can achieve with Freshdesk’s free plan

Improve your customer engagement

When your team inbox and call center is in one place, tracking, prioritizing and resolving tickets is a hassle-free process. This, in turn, helps improve customer engagement.  

Collaborate and resolve tickets faster

The integrated collaboration tool powered by Freshconnect, helps you collaborate on tickets right from the ticket interface. You can loop in members of your team or receive third-party help right from Freshdesk.  

Help customers help themselves

Deflect incoming tickets using Freshdesk’s powerful knowledge base, and allow you team to utilize their time in more efficient ways. Document solution articles and FAQs that will help your customers resolve issues on their own.

Expand your capabilities

Build on the functionality of Freshdesk and bring in the various verticals of your business into Freshdesk by plugging in applications from the Freshdesk marketplace which supports over 500 applications.

Automate mundane tasks

Focus on holding great conversations with customers and on other important tasks, and let Freshdesk handle the rest for you. You can set up rules that route incoming tickets to the right agent and save answers to frequently asked questions.

Monitor important metrics

With Freshdesk’s dashboard and reporting, you can monitor ticket trends and patterns. The insight gathered about the ticket volume can help you optimize workflows and prevent bottlenecks.