Turn customer frustration into

moments of delight

With Freshdesk’s proactive support, don’t just resolve issues, delight and surprise your customers.

Going from reactive to proactive — the new paradigm in customer support

For a long time now, customer support has been reactive with support agents providing assistance only after a disrupted experience. Every time your customers face an issue, they contact your support team through multiple channels. Your support agent then troubleshoots the problem and offers a solution. 

Today’s digital-connected customers want more than just a solution to their problem. They’d rather quietly switch to another brand than wait for a long time on your support team for a solution. Customers want help at the right time.

But more importantly, customers now want their problems to be addressed even before they run into them — they want an uninterrupted, seamless customer experience. Winning your customers’ hearts in now easy because Freshdesk helps you do just that!

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How can I go from reactive to proactive with Freshdesk?

Predict frustration signals

Detect online frustration signals such as rage clicks, dead clicks, thrashed cursors, and proactively reach out to them to offer assistance.

Spot problems customers run into

By connecting apps like Shopify and Stripe to Freshdesk, you can spot problems like abandoned carts and payment failures.

Reach out to them in advance

The minute your customers run into trouble, Freshdesk lets you automatically reach out to them through personalized emails and help them troubleshoot the issue.

Fix issues proactively

By identifying, reaching out and understanding problems proactively, you can get meaningful insights and improve the end product experience for your customers.