Celebrating 100 Apps on the Freshdesk App Gallery!

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The past year has been a great year for us here at Freshdesk. We hit 80,000 customers, we added some new products to our suite and also considerably improved the feature set of our flagship product – Freshdesk.

One of the things we heard the most from our customers is how key customisations and integrations are, to improve the way they do business. So, last April we launched the App Gallery – an online marketplace for apps.

We are proud to announce that our App Gallery now has a new design and includes over 100 different apps in various categories like CRM, chat, e-commerce, reporting, time-tracking and a lot more. Your favourite apps like Jira, Slack, Github, OneDrive, DropBox are all ready to be added to your Freshdesk instance at the click of a button!

Here is a quick look at some of the more popular apps on our gallery and how they help improve your Freshdesk experience.


The TeamViewer app allows agents to initiate a TeamViewer session directly from the ticket page. So, agents can provide assistance to customers remotely for complicated issues.



YellowAnt is a workplace assistant bot that helps you manage all your workplace applications, get important updates and enables you to take actions with simple text commands. YellowAnt is also available as a bot on popular team chat applications like Slack, Skype and Cisco Spark.


Add Summary Note App

‘Add Summary Note’ app gives you options to add private notes to tickets with the just one click. In addition to this, you can now choose to notify specific agents with every Summary Note you append.



ChargeDesk gives you access to your payment data from places like Stripe, Paypal, Recurly etc, where it’s needed most – inside Freshdesk. You’ll be able to manage your customers inside Freshdesk tickets, with the ChargeDesk integration.


How to get your App listed on the App Gallery

It is extremely simple to get your app listed on the App Gallery

  • Log in to the Developer Portal
  • Choose what kind of app you would like to add to our gallery
    • Freshdesk Apps – Apps that install into the Freshdesk portal using our SDK
    • External apps – Apps that integrate with Freshdesk but are installed on 3rd party sites
  • Provide the overview, description, necessary screenshots and steps to install (Make it as detailed as possible as it helps drive adoption)

That’s it! Your app will go through our review process and once approved, will be available for all the world to discover, install and use!

We have always strived to be a well-rounded product that will enable solutions for any and all business requirements and this is a big step in that direction. We have a lot more in the pipeline – paid apps, backend apps, developer events and more. Stay hooked and a fabulous 2017 to you!

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