10 new apps in the Freshworks Marketplace

Freshdesk Marketplace – now with over 200 apps!

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With 10 new apps in this quarter, Freshdesk Marketplace now has over 200 apps! We also launched the Freshservice Marketplace. There are more exciting updates coming your way, but let us start off by looking at the new apps that have entered the marketplace!

Save time by automatically diverting queries to your knowledge base

Say hello to an AI powered solution by CX Moments. This app ensures that when customers come to your chat with queries, it automatically diverts them to the relevant support article in your knowledge base. Their NLP Deep Learning technology seamlessly indexes your knowledge base content as often as required, and understands natural language queries to automatically find the best matching content.

“Reduce the load on support agents and improve efficiency with this AI app”
Understand your support activity to improve the quality of customer service

The other app by CX Moments – Text Analytics for Customer Support brings another much needed value addition to support. The app uses deep AI to help detect the topics in customer queries by tracking them against satisfaction and resolution metrics, to help you understand potential gaps in agents skills. By benchmarking responses against customer service best practices, it provides a complete overview of your support process including areas that need improvement.

“Bring a drastic reduction in support costs, resolution times and build agent productivity”
Extract valuable insights from customer service conversations with AI

The buzzword is AI. The Scope AI app uses natural language processing to extract deep insights from customer service conversations. The app also integrates with your existing support channels to automatically tag and analyze conversations for trends in customer feedback.

“View trends in customer service and improve support process”
Easily share tickets links right from your mobile phone

The QR Code for Tickets really simplifies the way ticket links are shared. By providing a QR code for every ticket right inside the ticket detail screen, agents can easily just scan it from their mobile browsers and share it with support staff, other teams etc.

“Save time spent in copying and pasting ticket URLs”
Track tickets between apps and sync information

Yoke is a one-of-its-kind application that tracks information from all of your cloud accounts to give an easily searchable dashboard that will keep you always up to date. It also shows when tickets have been dormant, when there are new and open tickets, forum topics etc. Track your support without ever having to switch between tabs.

“Never let a ticket stay idle for too long and ensure support is always on track”
Call over 50+ countries with the help of CallHippo + Freshdesk

CallHippo is a cloud-based telephone system that provides the advanced VoIP features such as IVR, virtual phone number, call recording, call transcription, toll-free number and more. It integrates the power of a powerful virtual phone system with the help desk features of Freshdesk. Make instant calls right from the Freshdesk phone panel, get call recordings, status reports etc to streamline your telephonic support.

Log calls, track issues and provide better quality support with this VoIP tool integration”
Stay on top of latest interactions and provide better support

Reversed Sort Order is an app every agent needs. When it comes to long threads, sometimes it is cumbersome to keep scrolling to the latest reply. This app simply reverses the sort order so that the agents will always see the latest things that happened in a ticket right on top of the ticket flow.

“Save time spent in scrolling and hunting for new replies and interactions”
Import help desk data to Freshdesk in a jiffy

Import2 for Freshdesk allows you to import complete ticket data with all details in a single click from your existing help desk system to Freshdesk. Historical data and key info like attachments, messages and notes will be imported as well. With Import2, you will never lose ticket information when moving to Freshdesk.

“Import from any help desk to Freshdesk in a jiffy”
Translation services for your help desk

OneSky offers streamlined Freshdesk professional translation services. The translation platform helps you connect with hundreds of native, professional translators for more than 50 languages with advanced translation QA features. Make the best impact on customers from all regions with the help of this integration

“Never get lost in translation again when trying to talk to your customers with OneSky and Freshdesk”
Customer information inside your help desk

Get customer information from Spreecommerce and display it inside your Freshdesk ticket detail page. With the help of order details, status and previous orders if any, this app brings a complete picture to your support agent before they can respond to any ticket.

“Understand customer issues with more context to provide better quality support”

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