Hark! The Product Updates Ring

As the holiday season descends and the merriment begins, let’s take some time out to say thank you. We’ll go first – thank you for being you. You make our day, every day. As much as we’d like to call up each and every one of you to let you know much, we decided to spend our efforts into pushing out features that will give you happiness. Features that will help you optimize your support process and help your agents be productivity champs. Here’s what we have for you, today:

Introducing load balanced ticket assignment

Where to find it: Admin>General Settings>Groups

Who will love it: Agents, Supervisors

Available on: Estate, Forest

Customer support is as unpredictable as snow in Scotland. Some days your agents are twiddling thumbs, fighting to pick up tickets and on other days they’re so overloaded, they barely have time for a restroom break. It can be quite overwhelming to solve a ticket only to realize you have a gazillion more in the queue. One can’t even blame agents when they start working in a slapdash manner to clear their load and stop giving every ticket the attention it deserves.

So, this holiday season, gift your agents some breathing space by enabling load balanced ticket assignment on your helpdesk. Set a limit on the number of tickets that can be in your agents’ load, at any time, so your agents never feel overwhelmed. When they resolve a ticket, another gets added to their pile. This way, you can make sure that everyone’s working at a steady pace in an optimal manner and there’s no uneven ticket distribution.

Learn more about load balanced ticket assignment.

Associating multiple companies with a single contact

Where to find it: Admin>General Settings>Customer Fields>Contacts tab

Who will love it: Agents

Available on: Estate, Forest

Relationships are messy. Customer relationships, even more so. Sometimes, you have one point of contact for a customer. Sometimes, you have multiple points of contact. Sometimes, you deal with a liaison, like a reseller or a consultant, who is your point of contact for multiple customers of yours. There is no word for the kind of confusion that breeds when the latter raises multiple tickets on behalf of your customers. The kind of confusion that occurs when agents get assigned tickets that belong to a single requester but the context for each ticket is wildly different based on the customer on whose behalf the ticket is being raised. The kind of confusion that sprouts when you want to view tickets raised by a particular customer but you can’t because the tickets are raised not by the customer but the reseller.

Oh wait, there is one. A nightmare.



We’re delighted to announce today that this scenario is about to get a whole lot simpler. From today, you can associate multiple companies to a single contact in your helpdesk. This way, your agents get better context on the customer with the problem and the confusion is non-existent.

Read more about linking multiple companies to a single contact.

Shortcuts on Android

Where to find it: The Freshdesk Android App

Who will love it: Agents

Available on: All plans


When it’s the season to be jolly and panicked about the avalanche of support tickets headed your way, anything that gets more done with less effort is a definite god-send. And if it’s something that can be done on-the-go on a mobile app, all the better!

From today, agents can just long-press the Freshdesk icon on their Android phones for quick access to recent tickets, search and a new ticket creation button. A long-press. That’s all it takes. The feature’s available only if you’re on Android 7.1.

Sorting tickets in Android

Where to find it: The Freshdesk Android App

Who will love it: Agents

Available on: All plans


Why just filter, when you can sort? With the Freshdesk Android app, agents can get up to speed in a jiffy by just sorting tickets. Your to-do list can be framed by priority, creation date, due by time, modified time and so on. Use the Freshdesk mobile app to plan your workday even before you’ve gotten out of bed!

If you have any feedback about the features listed above or would just like to chat, feel free to write us at support@freshdesk.com. Feedback is our jam.