The Perfect Christmas Bundle for Support Agents

Let’s be honest, we’d all appreciate a little less work during the holiday season. 

Luckily for you, with the right features in Freshdesk, you can easily reduce your workload, improve agent productivity, and also save a lot of time. Time you can spend singing Christmas carols and planning the perfect secret Santa gift!

To help you get started, we’ve packaged our best agent productivity features in Christmas themes to help you get more done this holiday season.

The next time you open your Freshdesk, these Christmas GIF(t)s will help you save precious minutes for every customer you help. 

#1 Santa Claus gives the gift of time.

Do you find yourself frequently sending similar responses?  Maybe it’s a simple greeting like “Hello Anne, hope you’re safe and well. Thanks for writing to us” or a 150-word troubleshooting guide. You can forgo this mundane activity by calling “/Santa /Claus” for help! 

agent productivity during holidays

Simply type /s or /c to quickly access a list of solution articles or canned responses. Whether you want to send a quick response or redirect your customer to an elaborate article, you can get it done with just two clicks.

#2 Elves help you wrap your responses

Screenshots go a long way in helping customers with their questions. But it can be tiresome to take a screenshot, upload it to a tool, edit, save, and then attach it to a response. Almost as tiring as Santa wrapping millions of gifts all by himself.

agent productivity during holidays

But just like Santa’s elves help him wrap gifts, Freshdesk’s image annotations will help you send perfectly crafted responses in no-time. You can drag and drop images and edit them perfectly right from Freshdesk. 

#3 Reindeer resolve issues at the speed of light 

Reindeer would have to travel at the speed of light in order to deliver gifts to every child on earth on Christmas Eve. While it might be hard to believe they can travel that fast, we think it’s just as plausible as sending personalized responses to dozens of customers within seconds. 

agent productivity during holidays

The next time you notice similar tickets in your view, you can update and respond to them in bulk. Freshdesk automatically detects the customer’s name, so you can be assured that every response is personal. 

#4 The perfect Christmas stocking for every ticket

Stockings are a perfect example of how good things come in small packages. Much like ticket summaries. They save you time from having to read through long ticket conversations and help you quickly understand the crux of the issue. 

agent productivity during holidays

The next time you re-assign a ticket to another agent, add a short summary to make work easier for them. 

#5 Like the sound of sleigh bells

The sound of a copy machine, the traffic, or even the rain, often fades out as background noise. Not the sound of sleigh bells though. They get your attention, every single time. 

agent productivity during holidays

Much like Freshdesk’s in-app notifications. You can choose when you’d like to get notified- from every new ticket to just reminders and status updates. Like the sound of sleigh bells, you’ll be glad these smart notifications got your attention. 

#6 Like altering your Christmas gift wishlist

It’s only natural to change our minds about the gifts we want. If you think about it, that’s what Eartha Kitt does throughout the song Santa Baby.

agent productivity during holidays

Luckily, should you change your mind, you can rewrite your wishlist. Much like how you can undo sending a response in Freshdesk. 

#7 The best Christmas gift ever

– is arguably a pup or a doggo. Much like Freddy AI. they break the monotony of life and make you happier than ever before. 

agent productivity during holidays

Freddy defends agents from simple and boring questions, does errands–like offering refunds and returns–for customers, and is always giving helpful suggestions. You’ll never want to go back to a time before Freddy. 

What’s your favorite? 

There are plenty of other features in Freshdesk that will make day-to-day work easier for your team. Have we missed any feature that you love? Or perhaps you have an idea to associate Christmas with your Freshdesk. Let us know, we’d love to hear from you. 

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