Your Monday Morning Meetings just got better – Reports with FreshInsights

Monday mornings are always like the first day of school after the summer. For some, like me, that’s a day we’ve been looking forward to, to share stories of our great vacation, and brag about our video game scores. For some others, like my friend Alex, that’s a day that means fun’s over, and time to back to business.

The dreaded meetings 

Monday morning meetings are the worst. You have your numbers crunched and help desk reports laid out. But you’ve spent so much of your Sunday putting them into neat little graphs and charts that you haven’t really spent time to think about the core takeaways. So you end up with a bunch of beautiful charts and impressive numbers that don’t really mean much.

Mid-week meetings are terrible in a totally different way. No matter how prepared you are with the status report, there’s always this elusive question that catches you totally unaware. You know the answer is just around the corner, lurking deep inside the huge pile of numbers. If only you had it at the tip of your fingers, you could be the hero of the day.

The trouble with most reports is they are meant to throw your focus on one thing, and just that. They don’t focus as much on the insights, because, after all, insights are what you should drive.

Right? Wrong!

Unleashing FreshInsights: The Report Suite with bits of genius in it

Starting this weekend, the reports you pull out of Freshdesk just got bigger, better, richer, and way way smarter. So smart that it’s going to tell you what to look out for and when to set the alarms bells off. So smart that it’ll tell you things like who your happiest customers are, and what makes them insanely happy. And who your laggard customers are, and what’s making them run behind overdue tickets so often.

So how smart are FreshInsights?

Let me put it this way. You wake up one morning in the support center of your massive hamburger factory to find out that your agents have been taking way longer than usual to respond to queries. Your SLAs are taking the hit, and the satisfaction ratings are following them to the gutter. Now what do you do? Alright, you then drill in and try to figure out where your biggest problem areas are.
And Bingo!
Everything seems to stem from that dubious batch of cheese your ordered, and your agents are just having a tough time dealing with the new ticket load.

That’s the first good thing about FreshInsights. All the information you need is available in the place you need it. You don’t have to run from one burger report to another patty pie chart to put a mayonnaise covered finger on the problem.

The second blow-your-mind thing about FreshInsights is, well, the insights. It’s easy to know when you need to raise a red flag, and when you do, it’s even easier to identify what you should be doing next.

Unboxing the Suite: Insights all day

Of course, there are different days when you want to pull up reports for totally different things. Monday morning strategy meetings, mid-week status quo calls, end of week wrap-up sessions… With the new suite, FreshInsights brings you some added smarts:

At-a-glance Reports: A quick overview of everything happening, across your help desk, agents or a specific customer. Fire it up every day to look for alarm bells before drilling in.

Your helpdesk at a glance

Summary Reports: Agent, group, time-sheet and customer satisfaction reports that look great on status-quo meetings. A must-have during your client and team-review meetings.

Load Reports: Load and performance analysis reports that let you pinpoint exactly where your support is choking up, and where the seams are bursting out. If you love strategy, these reports will sing you poetry.

Comparison Reports: Compare how each agent or group performs against others. A great way to figure out if a problem is concentrated in one place or spread out.

Top-N Reports: Analyze the top agents, groups and customers, by tickets resolved, backlogs, SLA violations and more. An ideal way to identify who is revving up your engines, and who is driving you down.

Agent level comparison reports
Agent level comparison reports

The whole FreshInsights suite is now available in the Freshdesk Estate Plan. If you are on the Garden plan, you will have access to the Helpdesk and Customer At-a-glance reports in addition to the advanced reports you already had.

Happy Reporting, and of course, Supporting! 🙂