Freshdesk and Appbot – Unlock the full potential of app reviews

Two Sundays ago, the Freshdesk mobile app received a 2-star rating. The user had an issue with push notifications and they took to the Play Store to vent about it. On a typical weekend, I’d have missed it since the emails from Google Play usually land in my Updates tab.

However, things were different this time around. A couple of days before this particular Sunday, we’d turned on the Appbot integration in our Slack channel. This meant that we’d be notified every time someone left us a review. So when a user decided to give us a two-star rating that Sunday, the integration delivered promptly and pushed the review to Slack, minutes after it was posted.

In under an hour, I was able to look up the user’s name, check on the tickets they’d submitted, identify the issue and then fix it. Not only did this make them happy, but it also went a step further and earned us their loyalty (and a 5-star rating).

Despite the fact that reviews are the first thing people see when they flock to the Google Play or App Store, they’re often given scant attention by developers. As Appbot points out, only 5 out of 100 one-star and two-star Play Store reviews actually receive a meaningful response.

That’s why, starting today, our new Appbot integration will help your team track, organize and respond to these reviews without even leaving the helpdesk. Here’s how you can leverage the integration to make your mobile users happier than ever:

Convert App Reviews into Support Tickets

In most businesses, while content on the Play and App Stores is owned by marketing, developers are the ones who are alerted about reviews. Between building new features, chasing existing bugs and mitigating crashes, they rarely have the time to respond quickly to these reviews. By integrating Appbot with Freshdesk, you can set up a communication channel between these reviewers and your customer support team.

If you already have an Appbot account, all you need to do is go to the Integrations page and paste your Freshdesk API key from your agent profile for reviews to start coming in as tickets. Once this is set up, your agents can quickly tap on the links to read the review, respond to it (if it’s on the Play Store), or even translate these reviews right away.

App reviews as Freshdesk tickets with Appbot

When your support team manages your responses to reviews, you can provide a consistent experience for customers. You can set the same standards for your response rates across the Play and App Stores and live up to your promise; no matter where your users are talking to you from.

Bubble up Reviews Needing Immediate Attention

When you’re prioritizing reviews that need the most attention, ones with 1,2 or 3-star ratings stand out more than the cheerful 5-star ratings. With Appbot, you have the choice of setting up custom conditions to decide when you push your app reviews. These reviews will have their star ratings in the subject line and will be tagged appropriately as well.

Here are some ideas on what you can get done with the help of Dispatch’r, to give these reviews more attention:

Dispatch'r rules for app reviews

  • Set specific triggers based on subject line content. For example, you can have a trigger for tickets that have [★☆☆☆☆] or [★★☆☆☆] in their subject and set their priority, or have them assigned directly to an agent who is great with dealing upset customers.
  • You can add your developers as watchers automatically to such reviews from Appbot so they can offer workarounds and troubleshooting information in tickets notes
  • Assign tickets to a category such as ‘mobile apps’ based on specific conditions like: keyword “Google Play/App Store” and source: portal.

Categorize Reviews based on Topics

The App and Play Stores are rife with reviews that often say nothing more than a thank you, or a “great app”. This is great except there’s no reason why your team should spend their time sorting through these reviews. Other pressing issues like pricing, privacy or bugs rank higher in the priority list and deserve to be answered first.

If you’re on Appbot’s advanced plans, the service can automatically categorize the kind of reviews your app receives and assign a topic based on the content of the review. These are then, added as tags to your tickets. For example, feedback about the cost of your app can come under the ‘Pricing’ topic.

You can set up custom views to track these topics or add specific tag filters to existing custom views. This way, you can ensure these reviews are taken care of, by the right team.

App reviews as Freshdesk views

For a step by step guide on enabling this integration, take a look at the instructions on this page or watch this video. Have any cool ideas you would recommend for tracking reviews about your mobile app? Leave them in the comments and we’ll be sure to check them out.