Stay Informed About Helpdesk Changes with Audit Log

Support is a team game.

Customer queries often require agents to team up, collaborate across groups (sometimes, even organisations) to find answers. The major challenges that teams face when trying to support customers are:

– Difficulty in collaborating and communicating
– Lack of visibility into activities and
– Difficulty in monitoring performance

To tackle these problems, over the past couple of months, we launched two features for Freshdesk.

     – The Freshdesk + Freshconnect Integration This integration was created to solve communication problems. Agents can easily add collaborators to any ticket and chat with them to answer customer queries.

     – Team Dashboards –  With Team Dashboards, support managers can easily customize and monitor specific performance metrics for each team they supervise. They can then provide tailored, actionable insights for the teams to improve.   

Today, in order to increase visibility for admins and supervisors, we are happy to announce the launch of Audit Log.

Freshdesk helpdesk

Audit Log

With Audit Log, support admins and managers can access a record of activities and changes occurring in the helpdesk, in case something breaks or even for review purposes. In a helpdesk with multiple admins, support can get confusing quickly.  

“Who made changes to the subscription plan? Who promoted an agent? What does the new Dispatch’r rule do? “

These questions often arise in support teams working closely together, but with limited visibility. Audit Log removes these limitations. With Audit Log, admins and managers can see:

    1. Agents – Changes such as agent type, role, scope, and availability for Round Robin ticket assignment.
    2. Accounts – Changes made to the billing cycle, subscriptions, number of agents, payment detail changes.
    3. Automations – Changes made to automation rules such as edit, update, reorder or even new ones created.

For a more detailed description of what changes Audit Log records and to know what you can do with it, click here.

Helpdesk audit log

With Audit Log for Freshdesk, it is easier to stay informed about the changes in your helpdesk, have better visibility into agent and admin activities, and revert your helpdesk to a stable state in case any change affects your support badly. 

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