Customer 360: Get a Better Picture of Your Customers from Inside Freshdesk

Imagine this — you get a question from one of your customers about a recent purchase. You look at your internal tool for their purchase history, then you open another tab for more details and look for notes your teammates have left about this person, so you have a full picture of them. You wish it weren’t that difficult but you you have no choice but to juggle between a few apps and tabs to get to it. And end of the day, you’ve spent far too much time switching tabs than answering questions from customers.

At Freshdesk, we want to make sure you know everything you need to understand your customers and get back to them as fast as you can. To make this easier for you, we’ve launched three new ways to help you get a full picture of your customers right into Freshdesk.

Tracking Health Score and Segmenting Companies Inside Freshdesk

If you’re a B2B business, chances are you are segmenting your clients based on revenue or industry. And you might be going back and forth between Freshdesk and your CRM to refer to these details every time you’re talking to a customer. Some of you might also be using a ‘health score’ to track your ongoing relationship with a client.

We’ve added four new default fields that help you keep an eye on your client relationship from within Freshdesk. You can use these fields to segment your customers based on tier (VIP, Premium, Basic for instance), or based on industries. You can also edit the default health score field and classify clients based on how you’d like them to be organized.

Customer 360 Freshdesk Feature

You can import data into these fields from your CRM or internal tools where you have information about your clients organized. You can then use these fields in Dispatch’r to route tickets to the right group, assign the right priority or do more.

Notes for Contacts and Companies

Often, some of your team members might know specific preferences of certain customers, but that knowledge wouldn’t be known to the rest of the team. If you build products that businesses use for their everyday workflows, wouldn’t it be nice if your team had a place where they can note down details they know about them (like how your product was implemented for them, how their business processes look like, if they are a long-term customer etc.) so everyone is aware and goes the extra mile for them?

Or if you’re the kind of company that has contracts with your clients, wouldn’t it be great if your team can access contract documents and details right inside Freshdesk? If your team members are meeting your customers offline and they have some details to share, wouldn’t be useful if everyone can access them inside Freshdesk?

Customer 360 Freshdesk Feature

You can now bring all of that and more to Freshdesk, with the new notes section for contacts and companies. You can use notes to capture anything from implementation details, testimonials or reviews to feature requests in Freshdesk. Click here to learn more about notes.

To-dos for Contacts and Companies

If you’re an account manager who works with dedicated clients, you’re probably referring details from the company pages in Freshdesk a lot of times. The next time you’re having a conversation with someone, you can use the to-do section in the company or contact pages when you want to follow up with your customers. The to-do list will appear in the dashboard, reminding you about the follow-ups you need to do.

Stay tuned while we add more features to Freshdesk. Meanwhile, if you haven’t tried Freshdesk yet, why not give it a spin.

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