Eight new integrations to make support a cinch

A lot of brilliant developers from some fantastic companies have been working closely with us to make delivering stellar support a snap for you. Thanks to them, we have 8 new additions to our growing galaxy of integrations. Applications that rid you of all your multitasking woes, save you from having to sync data manually across multiple software solutions and give you a good night’s rest are now yours to try. From getting more information about your customers to making solution articles more dynamic – a lot of software vendors have integrated with Freshdesk to make support easier for you.

With these tools, you’ll be able to work smarter and not have support reps drown in a sea of customer complaints. Here’s the list:

Step support up a notch with Elevio:

Customers often visit your site for help. But what if your website isn’t helping them get what they need? You wouldn’t want them to be lost in a maze of buttons that dart them back and forth from a solution article to a chat window. Once you add the Elevio widget to your website, your customers will be able to view, create and reply to their tickets and even access the knowledge base without leaving the page they’re on. When customers come to your website searching for answers, Elevio becomes their magic compass.

Click here to learn more about the integration and how you can set it up.


Bring kbase articles to life with Iorad:

Knowledge base articles are great when you want customers to find answers by themselves. But why bother making them read huge blocks of text and countless bullet points, when you can show  how something can be done? Iorad is a handy tool that captures your actions as you enact each step in a solution article and reproduces them as simple steps for users to follow. It lets you create demonstrative articles with illustrative screenshots which can later be edited and revamped too. Your users can either run through the steps or try it on the go.

To learn how to use this integration and make your solution articles more dynamic, click here.


Mirror ticket updates with Talkdesk:

Gone are the days when you had to manually update entries from your helpdesk to your call center and vice versa. With the Talkdesk integration, any updates to tickets in your Freshdesk account gets automatically updated over at Talkdesk. You can add new contacts on the fly when you have surprise guests calling you for the first time, or scan the history of frequent customers easily. No matter what you do – create, close, open, view, resolve tickets in Freshdesk, it will get synced automatically to Talkdesk.

For more details regarding the integration and how it works, click here.


Hola! Hallo! Ni Hao! Say Hello to Localize:

Make your customers feel at home with Localize, your local translator. This integration lets you read any content on your helpdesk in the language you are most comfortable with. Just add Localize’s widget code to your helpdesk via Admin and you’re done.

Click here to learn how you can deliver documentation to your readers in their local languages.

Access made easy for the good guys by miniOrange:

Every system administrator knows that your data is only as secure as its weakest user login. Securing accounts with just a password doesn’t cut it anymore since employees might have reused the same password elsewhere or set up an absurdly simple one like ‘abc123’.

miniOrange’s single sign on solution helps you tackle this weakness by blackballing users who try to log into your helpdesk with just their password. Once set up, it doubles security with its two-factor authentication system and automatically  monitors your systems for unauthorized access without your admins having to step in. To get this integration up and running, follow these steps and you’ll be good to go.

miniOrange SSO

Tring Tring the Texo way:

Nothing is more reassuring than hearing a human’s voice on a support hotline. But what do agents do when the phones just won’t stop ringing? Who answers which call and who are they even talking to? Say hello to Texo, an app that lets you engage with callers by first showing you who they are, matching them with their respective tickets on Freshdesk and routing their calls to the right agents in your team. Everything’s done on a single interface – creating tickets, updating the status or changing the priority of tickets.

For more details regarding this integration, check here.

Levy charges with ChargeDesk:

Billing applications help form the backbone of every business. For your employees and for your customers to be happy, the entire process – be it monitoring payments or refunds due, generating bills or tracking payments – should be simple, transparent and easy.  But when you charge customers for support, the entire billing process becomes complicated  instantaneously.

If your agents start monitoring manually how long it takes to for them help a customer, it’ll interfere with their ability to actually help the customer.  ChargeDesk’s integration with Freshdesk automates this entire process making it easier for your employees to focus on actually helping customers rather than worrying about billing and paperwork. It lets you charge customers, process refunds, do cancellations and also fish customer information from a single dashboard, in real time. With the Freshdesk integration, you can now do all of that while sending out a reply to a customer, right from within your helpdesk.

To find out how to link your Chargedesk account to Freshdesk, click here.


Hubstaff – A time tracker to stand the test of time:

Hubstaff, a novel time tracker, helps you monitor time spent by your agents on each ticket. What makes them special?  Unlike other time tracking solutions, Hubstaff’s integration makes every minute count even when the user is offline. You can add details to tickets with notes, create and update timesheets, and use them to measure performance. The cherry on the icecream is the screenshots that are taken at regular intervals giving you an insight on what is leeching your support team’s time. Hubstaff is a life saver when it comes to gauging the activities of your remote team.

Follow this link to learn how you can setup your Hubstaff account to work with Freshdesk.

That’s it for now folks! If you think we might have missed out a product that you find awesome and want it integrated to our helpdesk, drop your suggestions at support@freshdesk.com because good ideas come from everywhere!

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  1. Nice article, however I was a bit let down by the first word of the Localize section, Ola in Spanish means wave, if you meant to say Hello, then the word is Hola. Letter H is silent in spanish as it is in French and although it sounds as Ola if you are English speaker, the right spelling is Hola.