Freshdesk for Five9 – Make customer support more personal

Despite the latest and greatest innovations, despite the technological wizardry and works of pure genius, the Classics will always retain their place because they form the cornerstone on which all else rests in their respective fields. Be it the Beatles or the VW Beetle, their importance will never diminish despite the rising One Directions and Civics.

Likewise in the field of customer support, in spite of new channels like Twitter or Facebook, embedded support forms in mobile apps or VR displays, classics like Email and Phone will always be customer favourites.

While email is still vastly used everywhere, a large number of customers still prefer to talk to an agent in person over the phone. And phone support usually allows agents to provide a degree of personal touch that Emails cannot.

Here at Freshdesk, we always look for ways to make it easy for support reps to provide that bit of personal touch, to cut cords and connect with customers. Our integrated phone support channel helps us do just that, and improves on traditional call center support so many ways that we’ve stopped using our desk phones and PBX and switch to the cloud entirely. With every passing day, we get closer to a world where real-life phones can be forgotten entirely.

Today, we take another huge step in that direction by integrating with Five9 – one of the world’s leading contact centre software providers.

Get in touch and make support more personal

With the Freshdesk-Five9 integration, agents can attend to incoming calls from customers right from the browser window. They have the ability to redirect those calls, put them on hold or otherwise manage it with all the features normally available in a call centre software right from their Freshdesk tab.

This integration also allows agents to call customers, records those calls as tickets in their helpdesk, take notes, apply automation rules and access any other Freshdesk feature they want with no additional cost or setup.

Thanks to that, businesses can easily set up or simplify support centre operations. Since both the helpdesk and the call software are on the cloud, the need for hardlines and cables are completely eliminated – all you really need is a laptop and internet connectivity. This also ensures a near instantaneous setup time so that businesses can focus less on paperwork and more on helping their customers out.

Freshdesk-Five9 integration

In addition to making calls or receiving them, with the Freshdesk-Five9 integration, you can also create voicemail inboxes, manage “Do not call” lists and create text chat sessions with customers from your helpdesk. Agents will also find it easy to setup IVRs since it is now just a click away from their tickets page.

Click here to learn more about the integration and how you can set it up in your Freshdesk account. Go ahead, take it out for a spin. Your support deserves a little bit of personal touch.