Be a brand tweeple love with our improved Twitter integration

The way people and brands interact has changed from back when we launched our social media integration in 2011. Fast responses are expected for every tweet and consumers don’t hesitate to bash businesses publicly to get their attention. Businesses, meanwhile, are struggling to manage the transition from traditional channels to Twitter. They’re creating new jobs, they’re merging social media marketing and social customer support and they’re even firing people for saying things on Twitter.

It’s time we upgraded our tools so brands can support customers on Twitter the right way. So we did a little research to find out why some brands are adored on Twitter while others aren’t. The most loved brands listen at the right places and have a good rapport with their customers, so much so that they have inside jokes with them. So we’ve added more capabilities to our Twitter integration that will help you listen and respond to customers in a quicker and more effective way.

Here are the new features and what they mean to your social support:

 1. Convert only support queries to tickets

Add multiple Twitter accounts to your Freshdesk account and choose which @mentions should be automatically converted to tickets, reducing the clutter. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the tweets that aren’t support issues; all the @mentions of your brand will be available in your Social tab from where you can engage with your customers and make sure that no tweet goes unnoticed.


 2. Know thy customer – their Klout score, recent tickets and tweets

How are your agents going to be fun and engaging if they don’t know the first thing about the customer they’re talking to? With the new Social tab, you can now see a person’s recent tickets, the tweets in which he’s mentioned you, his Klout score, everything. So, if he’s already a contact in your helpdesk or if he’s reached out to you before through other channels, you’ll know. With the Klout score, you’ll also be able to tell if the guy you are talking to has enough influence to get you some good (or bad) attention. That way, you can step up and extend the red-carpet to him, if necessary.


3. Search Twitter right from Freshdesk

With the new search capabilities, your agents can search Twitter right from Freshdesk; not only can they search for keywords, hashtags and handles but they can also exclude tweets that are irrelevant. Even better, we’ve made sure to save all your recent searches (and everyone else’s) to save you some time.


4. Avoid stepping on each others toes

The only thing worse than not replying to a tweet is two agents replying to the same tweet. The Twitter stream, in Freshdesk, will let you know which tweets your colleagues have already responded to and which ones need your immediate attention.

5. Target your sales and marketing efforts better

With the new Twitter Integration, you can now create custom ticket streams; a feature that lets you view a real-time stream of tweets containing keywords related to your business or area of interest inside Freshdesk.

So, you can now create a stream that’ll monitor Twitter for tweets that are looking for an alternative to your competitor or grousing about your pricing, and automatically convert them into tickets. And assign them to your sales agents so that they can follow up immediately. You can also customize a stream to understand what your target market likes reading about. And you can post tweets (and retweet) about the topics they like, right from Freshdesk.

All the other social features that you’ve come to love are still there and the Twitter settings you configured intact. So go ahead, play around with the new tools and make your support all the more intelligent and efficient. We’re all ears for your feedback, on Twitter and everywhere else.