Freshdesk+Freshconnect: Support Customers as a Team with Better Context

Providing good customer support is a team game.

Large or small, established enterprise or scrappy startup, support agents need to collaborate and work together to get answers. For example, customers often contact e-commerce vendors to check where their packages are. Support agents do not always have enough context to get this answer immediately. These agents check with their Inventory team to see what was ordered by the customer. Then, they collaborate with their logistics partner to track where the package is and then finally provide an answer to the customer.

No matter which industries and no matter what businesses, answers are rarely available with just one person. Multiple support people need to work simultaneously across teams and organizations to piece the answers together. In our own helpdesk, we noticed that over 80% of the incoming questions required agents to collaborate with people from other teams to find the right answers. The ability to include other people in the conversation via Private Notes is one of Freshdesk’s most used features globally. Virtually every single agent uses it on a daily basis.

But Private Notes is not the only way that agents collaborate. They share ticket links directly via chat and messaging apps. They forward tickets directly from Freshdesk and loop collaborators in via email.  And a few others use plugs or integrations to get information about the ticket into a different tool altogether where they can discuss and answer questions.

Juggling all these tools and methods just to talk to a teammate was challenging for agents. Sometimes, the other person would not have the same chat app, or they had to keep repeating what they said to provide context regarding the ticket every time a new person was added to the conversation.

Freshdesk had made it easier for agents to talk to customers, sure. But talking to fellow agents was still challenging for some. We found that agents mostly collaborated with three categories of people:

  1. Fellow support agents
  2. Colleagues from other teams
  3. Third-party partners

To make it easier to talk to these three categories of people, we integrated with Freshconnect.

Freshdesk + Freshconnect: Collaborate with More Context

With the new Freshconnect integration, you can add collaborators – internal as well as external – with just their email and they can join you in solving the ticket you’ve shared.

By adding them to these conversations, they immediately gain access to the ticket you need help with. Freshconnect ensures they have full context of the problem and have full visibility into what the customer has already said. For example, if you are an agent working for an e-commerce retailer, you can add people from the Sales team in your company as well as your logistics partner (be it DHL or FedEx or anyone else) with just one click to solve package delivery problems.

With this integration now enabled in Freshdesk, we are solving the three greatest challenges that agents face when collaborating:

  • Provide context proactively: You don’t need to repeat your problems again and again. Tickets and conversations are on the same page side by side.
  • Make it easier to chat: Your collaborators don’t need to download any new app or create an account. They can just talk to you via Freshconnect in the helpdesk
  • Ensure all data is secure: The collaborators, including third-party partners, will only have access to the ticket you invite them to and cannot see any other part of your helpdesk. This ensures your data is secure.  
Keep your public and private conversations separate

The Freshdesk + Freshconnect integration is available only in the Freshdesk Mint experience. If you are already using Team Huddle, we will be porting you over to Freshconnect over the next few months in phases. Rest assured, all your conversations and chat histories will be preserved and accessible in Freshconnect. 

If you’d like collaborate better when supporting customers, sign up here to try Freshdesk with the Freshconnect integration! If you’d like to find out more about the integration, you can read about it here.