Freshdesk API v2.0

Today, we’re excited to roll out a new version of our APIs!

We worked on API v2.0 with the goal of simplifying the whole development process and improving the overall experience for developers using Freshdesk APIs. We weeded out needless fields, hacked away redundant messages, boosted the rate limits, improved pagination and error handling, and more.

Here’s what you can expect from the new version on top of what you have in the current version.

Support for higher rate limits

Ever since you showered us with your love for our product, we had also been receiving a steady stream of requests for an increase in the rate limits. We totally understand how important it is to you and now you can send upto 5000 requests per hour based on your plan. And if you want more, you’ll just have to ask.

Put your error handling woes to REST

Nothing can be as time devouring as vague error messages. Even though we didn’t build the APIs to also be a shining example of English literary culture, we did make it easier for you to unearth the bug hiding inside a thousand lines of code. We have adopted standard HTTP status codes and setup detailed error messages. Now, every time you unexpectedly bump into an error while making requests, you will have to spend less time in hunting the bugs down and more on fixing them.

Four new API Categories and Ticket updates

New product and email configuration APIs have been introduced to better suit your needs. Some of the major advantages of these v2 APIs are:

  1. View business hours for different agent groups within your support team
  2. Support multiple products in different portals
  3. Create tickets addressed to different support emails using email config
  4. Create, associate and manage SLA policies for each of your customers.

The new ticket APIs come with a range of functionalities such as replying to tickets, updating ticket descriptions and conversation, and retrieving a list of tickets that have been recently modified.

We also renamed some API categories so they’ll be more consistent with the web app and be easier for you to use.

  1. Forums are now Discussions
  2. Users are now Contacts and
  3. Notes are now Conversations.

API deprecation and breaking change policies

The existing version of the APIs (v1.0) has been deprecated. There will be no further updates or releases. However, the v1 APIs will continue to be functional until the end of September.

We will also notify you 60 days in advance before a breaking change comes into effect.

You can subscribe to our API mailing list from here.

Additional Updates

Security: Security of customer’s private information is top priority at Freshdesk. So, from API v2.0 on, all the endpoints in the API documentation have been updated to HTTPS and we are phasing out non-secure HTTP.

Accessibility: You will be able to access APIs exclusively through Freshdesk domains and not through custom CNAMEs. You can learn more about CNAMEs, how to set them up and how Freshdesk handles them here.

Pagination: Making calls to the REST API to retrieve thousands of tickets, contacts and the list of agents can be a daunting experience, a sort of vertigo when you look into an abyss of results. In order to help you handle the responses easily, we have increased pagination so each page can now have upto 100 objects.

To read more in detail about these changes, check out our API documentation. A lot of these changes and updates were driven purely by feedback from our community comprised of dedicated developers and readers such as yourselves. And we’d like to hear more in the future as well, so comment below or send in any ideas or criticisms you have to