Freshdesk in Europe: A Recap Reel

Hey, everyone! It might be fair, cold December right now but we still haven’t forgotten our magical October which we spent city-hopping across Europe to spread the word about Freshdesk’s awesomeness. It was a great tour; we managed to hit Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, and Stockholm.  

With each tour, Freshdesk aims to contribute towards building a community where members can exchange path-breaking ideas to change customer service & support radically, and this tour was no different. At every event, over 50 folks swapped notes, insights and anecdotes on revamping customer experience.


Our first event in Amsterdam was very well received. The channel managers and partners put together an interesting session with slide decks on Trends in Customer Experience that pretty much stole the show. One of our customers, Oskar from Agradi spoke at the event about how Freshdesk exceeded his support requirements. Overall, the event feedback we received was that it was a very personal event with inspiring stories of guest speakers—Oskar Agradi, and Freshdesk COO, Nishant Rao.


At our French event, FCM Travel Solutions (formerly 3mundi), shared how they have managed to improve customer relations with Freshdesk. In the words of Emilie Le Foll, Project Manager at FCM Travel Solutions, “Thanks to Freshdesk, our travel agency now delivers improved service quality and simultaneously, and we’ve also been able to increase our client satisfaction to 88% along with a 36% increase in the first response SLA.


You can read more about the Freshdesk Meet in France here

Freshdesk Meet Up in Milan saw the likes of Vodafone and Contactlab on the registration list, and our team was pretty psyched to bring their A game. During the event, trends in multichannel support, and how the creation of a knowledge base is a step towards enabling self-service were discussed.

The party then moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where Tobias Carneteg from The Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet) and an existing Freshdesk customer, spoke about the successful development of their customer service helpdesk. This is what he had to say:

“Before we started using Freshdesk, only 33% of customers were satisfied with our support, but implementing of Freshdesk in 2014 made a big difference for our customer service. In February 2016 we reached a 100% score of customer satisfaction, and though it is impossible to stay on top always, Freshdesk made it possible for us to develop from 33% to the average 80-85% happy customers, which is incredible!”

In a span of few days, we met industry leaders and professionals from these countries, discussed trends in customer service, and brainstormed ideas on innovation and exponential growth. To sum it up, it was a great tour for us, and we were able to execute several learnings from the past. Europe, you were a hoot and a half in 2016, let’s kick it up a notch in 2017!