Freshdesk+Freshchat Integration: Where Modern Messaging Meets Proactive Support

Messaging apps are as pervasive as they can get in our lives. They dominate our mobile phone’s home screen and rule the various gamuts of our world – whether it is enquiring about the status of an order, checking on a cab’s proximity, or wading through group dialogues with the kith and kin.

You think communication, you think messaging.

There is a notable transition happening in the world from public social media to private media and the recent stats reinforce this trend.

  • The messaging space is bigger than social networks. The top four messaging apps of the world have more monthly active users (MAUs) than the top four social networks. (BI Intelligence)
  • “DM, please?” – The average open rate for emails is 20% whereas it’s  98% for private messages.  

This certainly is a strong validation for businesses to get on the messaging bandwagon, but there is also something else that is driving the shift — the modern product experiences that customers are exposed to.

With the consumerization of B2B products getting heavy traction, and customers having frequent encounters with great experiences, the adoption has become more necessary than ever. The familiarity principle/mere exposure effect can be perfectly recounted here where people tend to develop a preference for things because they are familiar with it. Powerful, yes?

Live chat comes with the burden of engaging in real time. It also comes with queues, sessions, lost threads, and no response-time expectations. This feels like a step taken in regression—a downhill from the times we are in.

Customer messaging, on the other hand, speaks the same language a customer understands, complementing the modern product experience in a number of ways. Freshdesk_Freshchat_Integration

Today, we are taking the leap and bringing this experience to your support helpdesk with the Freshdesk and Freshchat integration

Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for sales and customer engagement teams to convert visitors into leads and users into happy, engaged customers. Starting today, Freshchat will be the integrated messaging channel inside Freshdesk, helping support agents engage in conversations with website visitors and customers from the comfort of their helpdesk.

Freshdesk + Freshchat: Bring your Support and Messaging Workflow Together

What does this mean for your visitors and customers?

The Freshchat messenger can be integrated on your website, in-app, support portal, or mobile. Visitors and customers can start a contextual conversation by picking the channel closest to their query and browse for FAQs from inside the messenger instead of navigating elsewhere.

Freshchat messenger

What does this mean for your support agents?

Freshchat can be easily enabled inside Freshdesk for support agents to engage in conversations from within their helpdesk.

Agents can use Freshchat inside Freshdesk to—

  • Assign conversations to a group or a team member
  • Get the necessary context they need to respond confidently
  • Reply with words, FAQs, images, or emojis
  • Convert a conversation into a new ticket or append to an existing one and more

Freshdesk-Freshchat Integration

Do More Than Supporting — Onboard, Engage, and Retain Customers

Delivering great customer experience goes beyond reactive support. Proactive, contextual, and personalized support make or break the game.

With Freshchat, leverage the messenger to engage with visitors and customers proactively. Set up campaigns that onboard new users, retain existing customers, and re-engage lapsing ones.

Target users based on their geography, sessions, and behavior on your product and website. Craft messages that solicit feedback, encourage adoption, or nudge customers to make a repeat purchase.

You can read more about what the integration does or head over to our freshdesk-freshchat integration support guide to learn how to set it up. If you have any questions, drop us a message over chat and we promise to be all eyes and ears.