Freshdesk and Freshmarketer Integration: Get all the Context You Need to Resolve Tickets Faster

Customer support has become one of the main product differentiators. Along with product features and pricing, customer service can also help you get more customers and retain them as well. As a result, companies aspire to provide exceptional customer service for their business growth.  

52% of US companies switched products because of poor customer service. Customer experience will take over product features and pricing as a key brand differentiator. —Walker Information

Consumers are also aware of this and expect a smooth experience right from landing on the website to purchasing the product and beyond. They want prompt responses and quick resolutions. Also, customers don’t reach out to you all the time. Sometimes, they just leave when they face issues with the product. That’s why brands are expected to be more proactive to retain and ‘wow’ their customers.

To be proactive and provide great customer service, you got to know how your customers interact with your product or website. For this, you need to track their behavior. This gives deeper insights into the customer journey and helps you understand what they like, what they ignore and where they struggle.

Without deeper customer insight, companies cannot deliver the experiences they crave. —Global Consumer Pulse Research

Such insights also help you improve your customer support as they help you to Identify problems that create a negative experience and proactively fix it. Recognizing this, Freshdesk brings session replay feature with Freshmarketer integration. This helps you track your customers’ behavior and also help you understand how your customers experience the product.

But first, what’s a session replay?

Session replay is where a user can replay a visitor’s journey on a website or within a web application. It’s a DVR-like playback of visitor’s clicks, scrolls, taps, keystrokes and inputs that seem video-like. The session replay would be initiated on either the website or the helpdesk portal. A session can last up to two hours if the user is active.

Freshdesk Freshmarketer Integration

Freshdesk + Freshmarketer = Fewer Emails and Faster Resolutions.

With Freshmarketer integration, you can view customers’ sessions and find out what they did before reaching out to the support portal. These sessions will give you better context on the customer’s issue without much probing. Moreover, you can also see what solutions your customers tried and also knowledge base articles they had gone through before reaching out to support portal. It also gives you insights into the customer journey and the kind of experience they encounter.

So, with every ticket that’s created in Freshdesk, you can now see the customers’ sessions by just clicking a link that’s available on the right side of your screen, under ticket details.

How Can this Integration Help Your Customer Support Agents?

Get Better Context of the Customer’s Issues.

More often than not, finding out the issue takes more time than resolving it. On an average, support agents exchange at least 2 to 3 emails to figure out the issue. With this integration, support agents can play the customers’ sessions to get a better understanding of their issues without much probing and in turn leading to faster resolutions.  

Know What Solutions Your Customers Already Tried.

Customers don’t generally mention the solutions they tried in support email they send you. But these session replays show you the solutions and knowledge-based articles your customers went through before reaching out to support. This way, you won’t be suggesting solutions that your customers already tried

Never Ask for Screenshots or GIFs.

No need to ask for screenshots, GIFs or take remote access of your customers’ system. Instead, replay their sessions to get all the information you need.  For e.g. If a customer has been facing trouble with an error message or a product bug, you can just take a look at the session replay and understand what went wrong.

So, get all the context and information you need from the session replay and don’t waste time on exchanging emails and waiting for customers’ response to resolve the tickets. Integrate Freshmarketer with Freshdesk to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Sounds interesting?  Then go ahead try out this integration and see your resolution-time go down and your customers’ satisfaction shoot up!