Freshdesk Gets More Apps

The best thing about apps is that they do exactly what you need. Apps are the best way to modularly add the specific extra functionality you want, without any of the heft. In that spirit, we have added a few new ones to our collection.

Here’s a round-up of all the apps that have been added to the Freshdesk Marketplace/App Gallery.


Third-party Apps

We have three new apps developed and submitted by third parties (partners, other product companies, or even customers) featured in our Marketplace, that increase productivity, provide better workflow by putting subscription billing information right where you need it and make collaboration a breeze.
•  Add Summary Note – Instant ticket summaries: Made by our customer, Masterson Technologies, this handy little app lets you add private summary notes to tickets and loop in specific agents to each note you add. All with just a click or automatically when closing or resolving a ticket. Pretty neat, right?
•  Chargebee – Subscription billing details: The awesome people over at Chargebee, our partner, have developed this equally awesome tool to integrate billing and support workflows. The days of scurrying about to piece together payment details are over. You can now access complete subscription information without leaving the ticket screen. Talk about seamless!
•  ScreenConnect Remote Support – Screen-sharing simplified: Developed by ScreenConnect themselves, this app lets you create and join screen-sharing sessions, right from the ticket page. If understanding your customers’ issues just got simpler, you have ScreenConnect to thank.

Freshdesk Apps

Home-grown, organic, and developed right here at Freshdesk, we’ve added four new Freshdesk apps to our gallery that we’re sure you’ll love to use as they’re generally richer in terms of use-cases. These new ones add powerful features to make your helpdesk more comprehensive and make it that much easier to solve your customers’ problems yourself.
•  Skype – Video calls, a click away: No more switching between windows when you’re on a video call with customers! Our Skype app lets you enjoy all the features of Skype from the comfort of your ticket page.
•  Freshsales – Your CRM, now in your helpdesk: With the Freshsales app for your helpdesk, pull up contact information, link or unlink deals to tickets, view recent open deals, and more with the ease of a couple of clicks. It will let you effectively bridge the gap between your sales and your support. Two tools that love each other just got closer together.
•  FullContact – Market research made easy: Enrich existing customer information and with the FullContact API, their company information to make your database more extensive. Keep your friends close and your customers even closer with the FullContact app for Freshdesk.
•  Zoho Assist – Hassle-free remote assistance: Solve complicated issues quickly by remote assistance, instantly start Zoho Assist sessions (without having to leave the ticket page), and assist your customers better with the Zoho Assist app.

External Apps

There are three new external apps in the Freshdesk App Gallery. These are apps that were built by developers (Freshdesk, development partners, product companies or customers) that operate on an external app. For example, an Alexa external app fetches Freshdesk data and displays it in Alexa. With the new ones we’ve added, all communication, be it within your team or with customers, have richer data around them, helping you constantly improve your interaction with customers.
•  YellowAnt – Your own workplace assistant: Using YellowAnt’s nifty bot, you can pull Freshdesk ticket data into Slack with simple slash commands. It also works with other team-chat software like Skype or Cisco Spark. So with YellowAnt you can now use your favourite helpdesk with your favourite collaboration suite.
•  Skype for Business – Support info, when you need it: Sensiple’s Skype for Business is the ultimate tool to supercharge your real-time collaboration tool with Freshdesk. Their Skype4B adapter integrates Skype/Lync interactions deeply with Freshdesk, giving you context and history, letting you update/create tickets and much more.
•  Natero – Smarter customer success: The Natero-Freshdesk app will help customer success managers view, analyse and track tickets related to their accounts. With this data, Natero will generate customer health scores and trigger alerts that can help companies make better decisions about customer engagement.

These ten apps are the first few among many more to come. Have an idea for an app? Make one! Want to see more apps? Or have any suggestions to make for the existing ones? Write to us at Stay tuned and stay app-to-date!