What’s new in the Marketplace this September

Every month, we’ve been seeing a steady rise in the number of apps in the our marketplace, and this month we’re just 2 apps away from 200! That’s right, the Freshdesk Marketplace is hitting the two hundred mark, and there are some incredible apps that have been added during the month of September. Here’s an overview of some of them.


Manage time better by connecting tasks with tickets

MeisterTask is an intuitive project and task management tool on the web. MeisterTask’s flexible project boards adapt to your workflow to keep everyone on the same page. The MeisterTask app allows you to create new tasks in MeisterTask based on your Freshdesk tickets. Apart from that, you can also link tickets to existing MeisterTask tasks.


Value: Better tracking, organized support and time management both at individual and team levels


Get Order IDs from customer requests and link them to your application

If you receive regular queries from customers about products purchased, returns, and so on, this is an app that will hugely simplify your work. The ID Linker app will scan the ticket subject and description for identifiers that match a pattern that you specify. When matches are found, they are converted to URLs using a template that you create. Setup requires a sample transaction or customer ID and a URL pattern.

ID Linker

Value: Lesser time spent looking for order IDs, faster ticket resolution


Trello+Freshdesk – Enable conversation and collaboration between teams across the organization

The all new Trello Integration allows you to connect tasks to tickets, create Trello cards based on tickets, sync data between the two tools, get notifications and lots more. This brings a whole new level of collaboration between teams with ticket assignment from Freshdesk, and task management and reminders from Trello. You can now view Freshdesk tickets directly from linked Trello cards and solve tickets faster.


Value: Collaboration between teams, better task management and more streamlined support


Complete customer and order details from eBay and Amazon in your ticket screen

ChannelReply brings customer service data and messages from online marketplaces into Freshdesk. You can avoid having to share your eBay and Amazon logins with your support staff. Without ever needing to switch screens, the ChannelReply app will automatically bring relevant and critical information about customer orders into the Freshdesk ticket detail screen.


Value: Personalised customer service, improved customer satisfaction


Connect WeChat accounts to Freshdesk seamlessly

Being one of the leading chat apps in the world, people are increasingly looking for customer service options via WeChat. We’re delighted to announce you can now provide just that. You can now connect your WeChat account to Freshdesk using the new WeChat app. With this, a ticket is created every time a user starts a conversation on the chat app, and agents can reply from within Freshdesk and it will be sent as reply to the customer right inside the messenger.


Value: Hassle-free service via WeChat, faster first response times


Kick off live video chat and screen-sharing from Freshdesk

Eyeson is a real-time communication software to simplify meeting experiences. Thanks to Single Stream Technology, eyeson meeting rooms are not affected by the number of active participants therefore providing HD quality while optimizing your bandwidth usage. The eyeson app allows agents to have face-to-face discussions with customers regarding queries. It also lets you record meetings, share screens and invite up to 100 people to the same call.


Value: Instant live meetings, swifter service and happier customers


Get reminders to ensure your attachments aren’t missed

We’ve all felt the embarrassment of forgetting that attachment in our reply. Well, we don’t have to anymore; the Attachment Reminder app reminds you if you’ve missed an attachment, when you mention attachments in the subject line. It uses machine learning to understand text and alerts you when you overlook an attachment in your reply.


Value: Reduced back-and-forth between agents and customers, better customer support


So go ahead and take your customer support up a few notches with the help of these apps in our Marketplace.