Augment Your Freshdesk with These Freshly Added Marketplace Apps

This month we’re happy to announce our new and improved Freshworks Marketplace. The new Marketplace offers a unified experience for users looking for apps to customize workflows and introduce additional functionality to Freshdesk and other Freshworks products.

This month, we have continued to add business-critical apps to Freshdesk Marketplace — these apps will not just help streamline your workflow but also deliver moments of ‘wow’ to your customers.

Here’s a quick look at a few of them.

Generate Mock Data when Testing Out New Integrations with DummyHub

DummyHub provides clean, enriched dummy data that can be imported to your Freshdesk account in less than an hour. Choose from either individual object-level samples or app data bundles that include all of the most important objects when testing out a new integration.

Address Your Customers’ Whatsapp Queries from Freshdesk with WhatsApp

This integration opens up another channel of communication for your customers to reach out for support. Convert your one-on-one conversations, including images or GIFs, on Whatsapp into tickets and then route these tickets to appropriate groups from Freshdesk for a swift resolution. You can also reply to a customer’s WhatsApp messages from Freshdesk without having to switch between multiple devices.

Access and Manage Your Customer’s Payment Information from Freshdesk with QuickBooks

With this integration, you will be able to handle time-tracking and invoicing needs from Freshdesk i.e. track time spent resolving a ticket, enter it in QuickBooks, and then use that information to bill customers for support plus view QuickBooks invoices corresponding to the requester in Freshdesk.

Boost Your Productivity by Streamlining Your Workflow with Miuros

Miuros automates tasks and recommends canned responses based on your past actions. The Miuros Assist app improves your productivity by 40% and reduces First Reply Time by 50%. Miuros’s multilingual capability makes it the perfect AI-solution for your international Customer Support team.

Get Visual Insights into Your Tickets with Agent Ticket Tracker

Connect Agent Ticket Tracker with Freshdesk to view the status of tickets assigned to you. Administrators can see the status of overall tickets in a progress bar. There’s also a dropdown to filter based on agents which will help administrators see both open and closed tickets visually.

Enrich Your Customer Contact Information at the Touch of a Button with FullContact 2.0

With this integration, you can view a customer’s contact information from FullContact in Freshdesk. FullContact’s Identity Resolution gives you options to sync and update the existing contacts in your list and identify the company the contact belongs to using just a single piece of information, such as an email, a social media handle, or a phone number. In addition to Contact information, you can also use the FullContact API to supplement Company information fields from Freshdesk domain names.

Manage All Instagram Comments and Replies from Freshdesk with Instagram

Every time your company posts on Instagram, this app automatically creates a Freshdesk ticket and groups all the comments in that ticket. You can then sort the comments by time/date or content and reply right from the ticket. The app also checks for updates and re-opens tickets when new comments are added making it easier to track your customers and followers’ feedback.

Harness the Power of AI to Boost Productivity and Reduce Average Handling Times with

This integration is a case automation and agent guidance tool. It deploys a virtual assistant to field repetitive questions from your customers and sends only the most critical issues to your helpdesk. This integration reduces response times and AHTs, deflects over 30% of tickets, and boosts agent productivity by 25%. It also enables teams to categorize and route tickets automatically and provide 24/7 multilingual support.

Create a Seamless Bi-Directional Sync with VSTS Directly from Freshdesk

You can link Freshdesk tickets to work items on VSTS by selecting the project and work item type. Once the work item is created and mapped with a ticket, any reply made to that ticket will be fetched and added in VSTS automatically. Any status change in VSTS will automatically reflect in the corresponding ticket and vice versa making it easier for you to plan and execute your response.

Customize Which Fields in a Ticket Need to be Mandated with Required Fields Based On The Option

The Required Fields app will ensure that agents fill the non-mandatory ticket fields of a ticket when they create a ticket or update ticket properties. Since the information required for every ticket might be different, admins can predetermine the field requirements for a group or ticket status – thus, enabling agents to always capture correct and relevant ticket details.

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