Beat The Funk At Work With Our Latest Marketplace Apps

This round-up of Marketplace apps features apps that in addition to making your work-life simpler also help in garnering customer loyalty and retention in equal measure. There’s an app that can blast thousands of text messages to your customers and help you earn their loyalty for life through your quick responses. There’s also a chatbot building app that redefines AI and helps in gathering customer data with hardly any human intervention. 

If that’s piqued your interest, read on to find out more about these and other novel apps that were added to the Marketplace in these past four weeks.

Send Bulk Text Messages at the Touch of a Button with SMS Alert

Equip your Freshdesk account with SMS features using the SMS Alert extension. Dispatch customized SMS directly from your ticket, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the downtime in aftersales support.  

Reach Your Customers Easily with Kaleyra Click to Call’s State-of-the-Art CTI Features 

The Freshdesk-Kaleyra integration will help increase the overall productivity of your agents and enhance team collaboration. Harness the synergy between your helpdesk and cloud telephony to keep your team updated about ticket changes and enable your agents to efficiently contact customers, resolve queries, and make every interaction count.  

Easily Track an Agent’s Progress and Time Spent on Any Child Ticket with Parent – Child Time Tracker 

This app makes it easy for you to fetch all time logs for child tickets/service tasks listed under a parent ticket and copies them to the parent ticket. This comes in handy when tracking the progress an agent has made and for report generation. 

Get Valuable Customer Feedback from Every Freshdesk Ticket with Harvestr

Harvestr, a product management software, lets you manage customer feedback, prioritize features, and communicate on your roadmap. Escalate Freshdesk tickets that contain valuable customer feedback to your product team who will then turn that feedback into actual product features resulting in happier customers.

Enable Agents to Respond to Tickets More Efficiently with Agatha Answers

Agatha Answers is an AI-powered unified search tool that based on the text of an incoming support ticket proactively suggests the most useful results to your customers from all of your connected knowledge sources, Freshdesk and external sources like Google Drive. Users also have the option of executing their own queries with the app’s search bar. 

Create, Link, and Track Receptive requests from within Freshdesk with the Receptive Integration

Thanks to the bi-directional sync between a Receptive request and a Fresdesk ticket, when tickets contain requests or feedback, you can instantly create a new Receptive request using the details in the ticket, and link the requester to their request in Receptive.

Answer Queries, Collect Data, and Provide Support to Customers Directly from Your Website with

Anyone can build a chatbot using simple drag-and-drop sentence templates with; no coding skills required. These chatbots can collect data from website visitors by asking scripted questions 24/7 on autopilot. Notable features of the app include Instant Email Notifications, Collect NPS from customers, and Reports & Analytics, among others.   

Know When an Email was Opened, When it was Sent, and What Comment was Read with Read Receipts

The app triggers a read receipt when your email is opened & allows tagging of unread Freshdesk tickets. Not only can you kick your productivity up a notch by cutting ticket resolution times but this also contributes towards improving NPS scores as a result.

Reassign Previous Agent Enables Agents to Pass Ticket Ownership Back to the Last Owner Easily

In a scenario where a ticket comes in and the agent working on it assigns it to another agent for resolution, but the second agent later decides to reassign the ticket back to the first assigned agent,  they can do so with this app. This will undoubtedly save precious time that would have otherwise been wasted in lengthy correspondence. 

Communicate Seamlessly with Your Customers and Achieve Maximum Contact Center Efficiency with Ameyo

The Ameyo-Freshdesk integration can be employed to place and receive customer calls. It offers multiple features like Conference calls, Power dialing with multiple algorithms, Schedule Callbacks, etc. Admins can access live monitoring, rich dashboards and reports to closely observe the performance of an agent.  

That’s all for this edition. For more information, stay tuned to this blog. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Freshworks Marketplace here to view more such apps.