Address Your Customer Grievances In a Snap With These 7 Wonders of the Freshdesk Marketplace

Your customers need you now more than ever. And the sooner you are able to engage with them the better as brand loyalty is built around quality customer service. Besides, good customer service can also prove to be a good marketing tool — news about good service travels far and wide and can bring in additional sales through repeat and new customers.

The below apps and integrations will not only help you become more customer-centric but also improve employee engagement for enhanced productivity.

Translate By Humans Lets You Respond to Customer Queries in Their Native Tongue

If you have customers all over the world, those customers probably also demand engagement in their native tongue. And there’s a good chance it’s a language you don’t speak or understand. Well, this app helps you deliver high-quality translations of customer support tickets, thereby increasing customer trust, improving business reputation, and accelerating business growth.

Loyally’s Five9 Premium Call Control Helps You Leverage Cloud Telephony for  Better Customer Experience

This premium app offers all the features of a first-rate cloud telephony solution and more right inside Freshdesk. This CTI solution uses the new SDK from Five9 for a richer, and more efficient and powerful integration. This means you can delight your customers using features such as Freshdesk ticket creation/contact search for all calls, click-to-call, instant messaging, call transfers, voicemail, conference calls, and worksheet/script implementation to name a few.

Unify All Your Apps in a Simplified, Easy-to-Use Customer View with Glances  

Glances provides a single view of your customers across all of your SaaS apps, and supports all major CRM, accounting, support, and marketing systems. In minutes, securely connect your apps and cut ticket resolution time by eliminating tab switching, searching and clicking around to find contextual information. It’s all just a click away with this app.

OMQ Assist Lets You Harness the Power of an AI-Assisted Knowledge Base When Responding to Customer Complaints   

OMQ Assist reads tickets and gauges the intent as well as the context of the customer messages. It then matches relevant information with the knowledge base to find appropriate answers. It also suggests suitable replies leaving you just one click away from ticket resolution. The app supports more than 32 languages.

Schedule Video Meetings to Resolve Customer Complaints With Setmore

Setmore enables you to arrange meetings with customers via the Setmore plugin in your Freshdesk portal. With the app, schedule appointments or online video meetings and empower yourself to resolve customers’ problems proactively. Email confirmations and reminders ensure that you and the customer never miss an appointment.

Deliver Contextual Customer Support Every Time With Exotel CTI

The app integrates seamlessly with Freshdesk to maximize your productivity and helps you provide a stellar customer experience. It basically allows you to create/update a ticket upon receiving a customer call. Call recording automatically gets added to these tickets. Plus, you can also map other agents to customers and enable click-to-dial.

Create Tutorial Videos with StoryXpress and Improve Customer Engagement

StoryXpress is a one-stop video marketing platform and this integration lets you share videos you have created, recorded, or uploaded on StoryXpress directly from Freshdesk. It helps you communicate more effectively with your customers as videos help engage customers, solve queries faster, and amplify growth.

 With that, we’ve come to the end of this edition of the app round-up. Take a couple of these apps for a spin today and see the difference for yourself. For other customer-friendly productivity-improving apps, please visit this link.