Start the New Decade on a Positive Note with These 10 Marketplace Apps

With just a few hours left for the decade to end, you might be pondering over some of the biggest decisions you’ve had to make in the past 10 years. Whether you nailed those decisions or not, the following 10 Marketplace apps will surely set you on the path to success with your customers and agents alike. 

Remotely Support Your Customers’ Devices Directly from Freshdesk Tickets with Splashtop 

The Splashtop – Freshdesk integration makes it easy for you to initiate a remote desktop connection to a customer’s computer and troubleshoot their issues directly from Freshdesk. It takes only a few clicks to start a remote session and there’s no need of any software installation from the customer’s end. A recording of the remote session is automatically added into the corresponding ticket post the session. Helps Deflect up to 40% of Your Tickets Without Compromising on Customer Experience

Reply improves self-service through Customer Service Automation (CSA). It integrates with FAQ, eCommerce, and shipping providers to answer product, post-sale and order related questions. When Reply does not have an answer, it redirects the question to you via Freshdesk for resolution. Reply is great for companies that are about to scale or have distributed customer service teams.

Get Full Control over PureCloud Telephony from Your Freshdesk Portal for Increased Productivity

The bidirectional sync between PureCloud and Freshdesk helps you access PureCloud CTI features such as full call control, automatic Freshdesk customer lookup for outbound and inbound calls, handle wrap-up, queue and language preference of the caller, CLID selection for outbound calls, among other things, directly from your Freshdesk interface without the need to switch browser tabs.

The Bontact – Freshdesk Integration Allows You to Receive And Respond to All Your Customer Communication Right Inside Freshdesk 

Facilitate omnichannel customer service by linking all your customer communication channels with Freshdesk. Send (and receive) messages directly from your helpdesk portal to the connected messaging apps and social networks and manage those conversations just as you would manage normal Freshdesk tickets without affecting your Freshdesk workflow.

Stonly Scripted Guides for Agents Helps Create Scripted Guides to Train Partners and Team Members or Create Solution Guides for Customers

Stonly is a customer success tool that helps you improve user satisfaction, activation, and retention while reducing support costs by allowing you to create step-by-step interactive guides that can be embedded in Freshdesk. In the event of ticket escalation, you will be able to see what guides prior agents referred to while handling the ticket.

Revive Your Customer Support Operations with the Power of Conversational Intelligence Through MediaAgility Bots

Leverage MediaAgility’s AI-powered bots for your day-to-day activities such as helping a customer know about a product’s features and price to finding a particular discount item on your site. In essence, reduce the costs of running and manning customer service centers drastically by building a one-stop solution to address your customer queries 24×7.

Reduce Churn, Boost NPS & CES Effortlessly with ServiceNext’s AI Chatbot

ServiceNext’s bots help boost customer experience scores and accelerate business transformation. This integration helps transfer & route conversation to human agents when needed; agents pick up conversation seamlessly from where the bot left the conversation. Also, agents can access conversation history & notes, and whenever an agent responds to the customer, the bot studies the response and trains itself. 

Zulip Combines the Immediacy of Real-Time Chat with an Email Threading Model To Maximize Productivity

Zulip is a group chat app. Its most distinctive characteristic is that conversation within an organization is divided into Streams and further subdivided into Topics, so that much finer-grained conversations are possible than with other chat tools. With this two-way integration, you can manage and resolve Freshdesk tickets from the Zulip interface and set triggers for notifications when a ticket status is updated.

Axway – AMPLIFY Connector Helps Connect Freshdesk with Other Cloud Based Productivity Tools

This connector allows seamless integration with a majority of cloud services such as Salesforce, JIRA, Zendesk, etc., with the help of APIs. You can manage user access and authentication, API updates, logging, and monitoring, all from a consistent platform. Also, create custom workflows and synchronize different fields of data between multiple cloud applications with this app.

Virtual Observer – WFO Management Portal is a workforce optimization solution that integrates seamlessly with Freshdesk

Virtual Observer is a complete suite of Workforce Optimization (WFO) tools that support customer support teams with Workforce Management (WFM), Omnichannel Recording, Screen Capture, Quality Management, Speech Analytics and more. The WFO Management Portal app is tightly coupled with your Virtual Observer cloud instance and allows admins access to all WFO features directly from the Freshdesk interface. 

By the end of 2020, customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. So it’s about time you make CX your top priority if you haven’t already. In fact, Gartner in one of its studies reported that by 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve machine learning, chatbots or mobile messaging.

The Freshdesk Marketplace with its 600+ apps has AI and messaging apps aplenty to streamline customer engagement across teams and regions. 

Wish you a Happy New Year!