Welcome the Latest Additions to the Freshdesk Marketplace

It’s been yet another eventful month, with a number of new and interesting apps making their entry onto the Freshdesk Marketplace. Here’s a quick look at the new additions:

Track And Measure Customer Delight With Cloudcherry

Integrate CloudCherry with Freshdesk to increase profitability and customer loyalty. Agents/Admins can see information about the experience the customer has had based on the ticket. This helps your brand track, measure, improve & deliver customer delight.

Customize The ‘From’ Email ID For Every Response With Common “From” Email Address

With this app, you can set a common ‘From’ email address, so that all your replies will be sent from that one specific email address, no matter what email id the query was initially sent to. This will make it easier to manage responses from your helpdesk’s support email as well as maintain your support team branding.

Maintain Security Standards With Whitelisted Domain Validator

This app enables you to pre-approve and validate the email domains that agents can send responses to. This ensures that your team never reaches out or responds to restricted domains, thereby, ensuring the set security standards are always adhered to.

Give Your Customers Timely Support With Pagertree

When a ticket is created in Freshdesk, PagerTree acts as the dispatcher for these tickets, determining the right people to notify based on on-call schedules. PagerTree notifies on-call agents via email, SMS, voice, and/or push notifications until the incident is acknowledged or closed. By integrating Pagertree with Freshdesk you ensure that your customer’s tickets are routed to agents who can provide support in a timely manner.

Enrich you Freshdesk Leads with LeadsBridge

The LeadsBridge integration for Freshdesk supports entity and segmentation concepts for Freshdesk. This integration increases agent productivity by providing the most relevant information an agent needs about leads, where they need it most – in Freshdesk.

Track How Long Your Agents Spend On A Ticket With AHT Plus

The Average Handling Time app for Freshdesk tracks how long it takes an agent to handle a ticket. The timer automatically starts when the ticket is opened and turns off when the agent closes the tickets or when the agent moves to another tab ensuring that there are no errors in tracking time spent on a ticket. A report containing the details of the average handling time is sent to the administrator or lead. This app helps administrators understand the efficiency of their workflows as well as measure an agent’s productivity.

Add Call Center Features To Freshdesk With CZentrix

Enable your agents to easily reach out to customers with this integration. C-Zentrix is a contact center software that facilitates communication between your agents and customers.  Installing the C-Zentrix app for Freshdesk will let you access C-Zentrix’s telephony controls right from your helpdesk using the C-Zentrix widget. Not only will your agents be able to handle calls easily in Freshdesk, but they will also be able to quickly view customer information while they are on a call.

Get Instant Access To Crucial Customer Details With Hubspot CRM

This integration allows teams to easily access contacts and information about deals from Hubspot CRM within Freshdesk with this integration. Increase agent productivity by providing agents with the information they need in one place.

Offer Immediate Customer Support With Connectwise Control Remote Support

The ConnectWise Control Remote Support App for Freshdesk lets you connect to and remotely control devices from the Freshdesk ticket sidebar. When you’re done, ConnectWise Control automatically updates the ticket with a note containing a summary of the session.

Protect Your Clients Data With Credit Card & Social Security Number Masker

Provide an extra layer of protection for your customers with this integration. Protect sensitive customer data which might be shared in tickets – such as credit card or US social security numbers. This app will obfuscate all but the last 4 digits. The other numbers will show as an “X”.  The data shared in Ticket Subject and Description will be masked.