Say Hello to the Latest Additions to the Freshdesk Marketplace

Welcome to the first app round-up for 2019. As you kickstart your new year, here are some of the latest apps in the Freshdesk Marketplace which you could help you enrich the customer support process for you, your agents and your customers!

Have an apptastic year ahead!

Improve Internal Feedback And Performance With Qualitista

This is a conversation review or QA tool. Think of it as the customer support equivalent of sales coaching or code review in engineering. This integration allows you to create custom dashboards of all your Freshdesk account contents. This is a great way to track quality metrics and collaborate with your team.  

Easily Prioritize And Assign Tickets With Autoassign

This Cx MOMENTS app enables customer support managers to auto-assign outstanding Freshdesk tickets about certain topics and issues to selected agents or groups. The Auto-assign app works in conjunction with Cx MOMENTS AI app, to analyzes Freshdesk tickets to automatically detect, track and report on customer support issues, without relying on tags put by customer support agents.

Enable Agents to Navigate Even The Most Tangled Urban Jungles With Maps

The application uses Google maps to present the address linked to a ticket on a map in the application screen. All you need to do is enter the Google API key in the configuration and select the address fields. Its simple design makes it perfect for field agents who can use it to easily navigate to the locations provided in the ticket they are assigned to. Usage of the extension should lead to shortening of the response time and increase of the service quality.

Create Unique And Lighthearted Responses with Giphy

Giphy allows users to search for GIFs in an easily accessible search box in Freshdesk. Users can also search for GIF based on the categories from the menu. Insert the GIFs to your reply by simply clicking on the GIF you wish to use. This app can create a ‘wow’ customer experience by enabling agents to reply to customers in a unique way.

Get all your customer details from vTigerCRM in Freshdesk

With this integration, whenever an agent opens up the ticket, based on the email address of the customer/requester, this app will fetch customer details from vTiger CRM and display it in the ticket sidebar. This way, your agents will have easy access to all the relevant customer information they need without having to leave Freshdesk.

Bring Telephony Features into Freshdesk with Africastalking

The application enables clients of Africastalking that use Freshdesk to make calls to customers from their browsers. Currently, most Africastalking clients that use Freshdesk manually dial the numbers associated with a ticket on a mobile phone to make their calls. Using this plugin, agents can make calls directly from their browsers to their customers. By using this integration, agents no longer have to switch between software to make calls, all telephony and support services can be carried out within Freshdesk.

Supercharge Contact Center Coaching and Agent Happiness With Stella Connect

Stella Connect is a software platform that increases agent happiness and supercharges contact center coaching and QA. Stella Connect works by collecting agent-level feedback from customers after every service interaction. The humanized and gamified feedback requests delight customers and generate response rates of up to 50%, giving you unmatched visibility into agent performance. Customers can rate agents, leave comments about their experience, suggest rewards or make recommendations for areas of improvement. All the data can then be viewed as per your requirement, for example: as leaderboards, on the Stella Connect Dashboard.

Keep track of your commercial marketing campaigns in Freshdesk with Klaviyo

This app enables the integration of Klaviyo, an email marketing tool, inside Freshdesk Using this app – a Freshdesk agent or admin can see a list of all campaigns sent to a particular contact. This app fetches data of Klaviyo Campaigns and displays it in Freshdesk tickets, based on matching the e-mail IDs of contacts on Freshdesk and the e-mail IDs of members on Klaviyo. Klaviyo is a small yet effective tool for efficient commercial marketing that you can use with Freshdesk.

Get all you Contact Information from your existing Bactchabook account in Freshdesk with BatchbookCRM

The Batchbook CRM and Freshdesk integration will enable Freshdesk customers to directly gather contact information from existing Batchbook CRM accounts and view it in Freshdesk. User authentication is the only thing required to set up this integration. Once set up, the app will automatically fetch the customer’s contact information from the BatchBook using requester’s email Id.

Create A Call Center Create In Freshdesk in just 5 minutes With Cloudtalk

CloudTalk gives you better ability to manage your call flows, make time-saving automations, log all your calling activities and much more. This integration will give you access to all call history data and call recordings within your Freshdesk account without having to open multiple systems. Some of the features include benefit from advanced features like emotions detection, real-time call monitoring, call flow automation, IVR, smart call routing, speech recognition, call queuing, callback and much many more. In addition, all tickets will be synced with CloudTalk.

Main illustration: Sriram Govindasamy