Get These Freshworks Marketplace Apps to Simplify Your Tasks

Welcome to yet another app round-up where we have put together some of the recently added Marketplace apps. We are on the road to reaching 800 apps across our three flagship products—Freshdesk, Freshservice, and Freshsales—by the end of this month. And very soon, you will be able to view and access Freshchat apps on the Marketplace.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the dozen-odd apps that have hit the Marketplace these past few weeks.

Connect FreshBooks with Freshdesk to Handle All Your Invoicing Needs from FreshBooks – Mint 

Double Freshdesk as your time tracking and invoice management tool with the FreshBooks-Freshdesk integration so that you do not waste any time switching between these two applications when you need to look up a customer’s invoice when handling their complaint. Besides, access requester’s FreshBooks information in Freshdesk for additional context when responding to their queries.


Establish a Two-way Sync of All Your Contacts Between Freshdesk and Scores of Business Apps using PieSync

PieSync helps eliminate the long and tedious process of manually importing/exporting contact data. When you add or update a contact in Freshdesk, it syncs up automatically with the other app, and vice versa. With this app, view your contact data across all your business applications without any complex maneuvers to ensure reliable customer service. 


Reduce Workload and Increase Your Productivity through Rezo’s AI-powered Automation 

Give your customer support team a facelift with Rezo, an AI platform that employs conversational process automation to accurately predict customers’ intent through interaction, and then reverts to their queries with contextually intelligent responses. Thereby, relieving your team from combing through extensive knowledge base articles in order to answer customers’ queries.


Closely Monitor the Time an Agent Spends Handling Tickets with Total Time Spent

This app helps admins track the total time an agent spends on a ticket so that they can keep tabs on that agent’s productivity; the resulting data can later be incorporated in reports. Every time an agent visits a ticket, a timer is triggered. And every subsequent time that agent revisits the ticket, a new time entry is logged, making it easier for the admin to calculate the time an agent takes to resolve a particular ticket. 


Get Full Control Over Your RingCentral Telephony directly from Freshdesk with RingCentral Call Control

Start multitasking like a pro with the RingCentral-Freshdesk integration. Apart from making and recording calls right from Freshdesk, you can push tickets to your colleagues when forwarding calls, save call data to your ticket, and do a whole lot more with this feature-heavy app.

RingCentral-Freshdesk integration

Create Work Items Directly in Freshdesk with the TFS-Freshdesk Integration 

You can create work items in Freshdesk upon selecting the project and work item type. Moreover, any note/reply made to Freshdesk tickets is reflected in TFS automatically, and vice versa.  

Create Work Items Directly in Freshdesk with the TFS

Deliver a Premium, High-level Service Experience to Your Customers Using Audetemi SnapHelp 

SnapHelp, a mobile self-service and customer engagement application, helps you deliver superior engagement experience to your customers via built-in chat, video chat, one-click search, and a fully integrated knowledge base. For instance, with the built-in video chat feature, you can now visually collaborate with customers and help resolve their issues. 


Sync Custom Fields Between Parent and Child Tickets with Ease Using Parent Child Field Sync

When you change the priority of a parent ticket, it may be required that the child ticket also reflect the same. But manually finding each child ticket and updating their fields is a time-consuming affair and may also result in human error. This app comes in handy when dealing with the above situation and practically does the job in a matter of seconds. 


Automate Workflows and Improve Your Productivity by Connecting Freshdesk with 100+ Business Tools using

Connect Freshdesk to sales & marketing platforms, project management tools, collaboration and lead capture apps, and thus, empower yourself by setting up a simple one-to-one integration, or a workflow spanning across multiple apps in minutes, without any technical help. Consequently, save a ton of time so that you can focus on things that matter.  


Assign Tasks to Your Field Agents Right from the Comfort of Your (Fresh)desk with Zuper 

Dispatch jobs to your field service agents directly from Freshdesk. Your field agents will be able to access all the necessary ticket information and in turn improve their productivity and elevate customer experience using this nifty app.


Convert Catch Order Queries into Freshdesk Tickets and Resolve Your Customer Queries Faster with Catch

Respond to your Catch order queries/complaints from the Ticket Details page on Freshdesk by converting them into Freshdesk tickets. The integration also gives you the ability to add canned response messages and customer invoices when writing to customers.

Catch-Freshdesk-integrationImprove Your Average Handling Time with Kanban Board’s Unified View of  Freshdesk Tickets

Once this app is installed, each ticket is represented as a card stacked in columns. You can easily view the Ticket ID, Subject and Short Description, Due Date, and the agent the ticket is assigned to making it easy to track the status of any Freshdesk ticket in a matter of seconds. You can also drag-and-drop a ticket onto a different column to change its status, plus drag a ticket to reorder and hence prioritize tickets within a status column. 


Gather Lightning Fast Analytics from Freshdesk Data without Any Help from IT Whatsoever with Panoply

The Panoply-Freshdesk integration reduces your analysis time, helping you find insights that accelerate the growth of your business. With this data, building custom reports and dashboards will be easier than ever. Also, connect Freshdesk to over 100 data connectors without configuring any APIs or writing a single line of code. 


View Parcelhub Tracking Support Team’s Activity from Freshdesk with the Freshdesk-Parcelhub Integration and Enhance Overall Customer Experience 

With this integration, Parcelhub handles all delivery-related tickets which are pushed into a pre-agreed folder within Freshdesk. Those customer queries are then replicated in Parcelhub’s system via an API. Parcelhub then communicates with your customer on your behalf and all the resulting communication is captured in your Freshdesk account.