10 Marketplace Apps to Help You Fire on All Cylinders Even as You Adjust to the New Normal

With the staggered re-opening of businesses following the shutdown, it’s time for customer support teams to up the ante on customer experience. After all, customers have also had to endure the ordeal and the last thing they want is a heated argument on the phone with a support agent over a refund. 

We believe the following apps will help you become more customer-centric in your approach and provide pre-COVID levels of service to all your customers.

Zadarma Lets You Do More Than Just Call Your Customers

Zadarma is a VOIP softphone that will help you increase your productivity through its smart call management features. Call recordings are embedded in tickets to let you access them straight from Freshdesk. Also, client calls are automatically routed to the support manager. In case they’re busy, calls are redirected to the first available agent. 

Zadarma Freshdesk

Enrich Your Tickets With Context-Rich Customer Information With Freshsuccess 

The dynamic integration augments your tickets with contextual customer data provided by Freshsuccess. With a fully customizable layout, managers can tune the data provided to agents to ensure they have what they need to solve customer needs quickly, efficiently, and satisfactorily.

Freshsuccess Freshdesk

Freshmarketer Marketing Automation Drives Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Retention by Automating All Your Marketing Campaigns

Make the most of your marketing activities with Freshmarketer campaigns & journeys, and monitor their performance in real-time on Freshdesk. This particular Freshdesk-Freshmarketer integration allows you to view the journey of your customers in all the campaigns they’ve been a part of. You can also add them to different mailing lists to nurture them in future campaigns.

Freshmarketer Freshdesk

View, Create and Collaborate on Tickets, Right From Slack 

Slack enables teams to collaborate and work closely with each other to complete tasks on time. With this integration, you can create and update tickets directly from Slack messages. Plus this app reduces resolution time by allowing tickets to be posted to relevant channels automatically, with real-time updates.

Slack Freshdesk

Merge Duplicate Tickets Automatically With Automerge

This app lets you detect and merge incoming tickets if a similar ticket was raised previously. The app detects duplicates based on ticket field values. All you have to do is choose one or more fields to act as the point of reference for detecting duplicates. It supports the use of the following fields for determining duplicates: Status, Priority, Type, Agent, Group, and all custom fields.

Freshdesk AutoMerge

Wootric Lets You Deploy Customized Surveys Automatically

Improve your customer experience to a great degree by automatically sending rule-based customized CSAT, NPS, and CES surveys to customers right from Freshdesk. The surveys can be sent in customers’ native language and feedback can be collected at any point in the customer’s journey through email, web, mobile, SMS, link, QR code, etc.

Freshdesk Wootric

Embed SurveyMonkey Questionnaires in Your Tickets With SurveyMonkey Plus 

SurveyMonkey Plus makes gathering customer feedback super easy by placing the eponymous surveys directly in tickets. The best part about this integration is that you have the ability to customize when to trigger the survey i.e. when a ticket is resolved or closed, based on a custom field value, or between responses with a delay. Empower your teams to provide exceptional service with SurveyMonkey’s online survey tools on Freshdesk.

SurveyMonkey Freshdesk

Restyaboard Fosters Team Collaboration With a Kanban-Style Workflow Management System

You can create and update tickets from your Restyaboard cards itself using this integration. The app also notifies your team regarding the modifications on any of the cards linked to a ticket. This project and task management app boasts of features like offline sync, revisions, nested comments, multiple view layouts, among others. 

Restyaboard Freshdesk

Loyally’s PureCloud Premium Call Control Lets You Access All of the App’s Features Directly From Freshdesk

The premium version of the Call Control app gives you total control over your PureCloud telephony within Freshdesk and more. This is made possible through the embeddable framework from PureCloud that makes for a richer, more efficient, and more powerful integration, thereby enabling you to stay on top of your customers’ grievances day in, day out. 

Amazon Connect’s Array of Powerful Features Helps You Address Customer Complaints at a Moment’s Notice

Amazon Connect is a CTI connector with a softphone rewritten specifically for Freshdesk. The control panel offers interesting features such as call logs, customer identification, caller history, previous ticket info, and note-taking during customer calls to name a few.

Amazon Connect Freshdesk

These are but a few of over 650 apps listed on the Freshdesk Marketplace. For more apps to help you and your business acclimate to the new normal, please visit this link.