What’s new in the Freshdesk Marketplace – June 2017

May saw a whole new set of apps enter the Marketplace, and June promises to be even better. From chatbots to gamification to cloud monitoring, we’ve got new apps that cater to a variety of needs. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best apps that were added this month.

Intelligent chatbots for customer engagement


AmplifyReach Catalyst Platform’s Augmented Intelligent ChatBots helps you scale your customer engagement, drive sales, lead generation and overall happiness 24×7. AmplifyReach provides a simple way to build conversations with no coding knowledge required.

All conversations are seamlessly captured under Freshdesk tickets. Human agents can easily take over any chat conversation, through a handover from the bot via Freshdesk tickets.

Improve support productivity and agent engagement with TimeDoctor

Timedoctor dashboard

TimeDoctor helps provide real-time vision into support agent productivity. Including providing both high-level data like reporting, TimeDoctor also granularly tracks keystrokes, mouse movements and even takes screenshots to monitor a workflow.

The app also helps track attendance and payroll, in order to manage payouts for agents.

Get Freshdesk alerts in Hipchat


The Hipchat app provides regular updates from Freshdesk tickets inside a chat window. Agents can choose which notifications they want to receive, change the frequency of notifications and also customize messages based on the need.

Make every video review count

Video review

It can become difficult managing multiple YouTube channels, especially when there are a lot of responses to track on those channels. The YouTube app converts every review into an actionable ticket inside Freshdesk. What’s more, the responses on the ticket are sent back to YouTube as comment responses as well!

Web Monitoring that you are always on top of

web monitoring

The CloudMonix app helps monitor alerts by creating, updating and closing Freshdesk tickets based on the alert status. You no longer have to worry about server or website downtimes as you can decide which alerts need to be converted to tickets.

The app also tracks alerts to completion and, once the alert status is normal, it automatically marks the ticket as closed.

The app that helps you track your app

app tracking

If your business is predominantly mobile-based, then your app must be top priority. The Playstore app for Freshdesk helps you stay informed of the reviews your app receives. With details such as App ID, version, language, date etc. provided in the ticket, agents can respond directly and their response will become a reply on the Playstore.

Reduce tickets by creating quick and simple solution articles


The Iorad app is an innovative new solution for agents to create solution articles instantly and easily. Agents can use the iorad capture frame to click through the solution, and the app captures all of these as instructions along with screenshots. The agent can choose whether to just attach this as a ticket reply or add to the knowledge base.

Improve productivity by gamifying work and making it more fun


Think of an office space where there is an interactive gamified leaderboard with badges and medals showing how well your support staff are performing. That’s exactly what the Spinify app does to improve your productivity. Link Freshdesk data within seconds, create a leaderboard and track how far support agents have progressed and motivate them to work harder with healthy competition.

Measure customer sentiments and support interactions with Callexa


Callexa uses modern 1-click surveys based on the Net Promoter Score® (NPS), measuring the willingness of your customers to recommend you to their friends or colleagues. You can connect your Freshdesk account with Callexa to send automated surveys after a support interaction. Ratings and comments will be synced with the ticket in your Freshdesk account.

Track the development of your overall scoring, based on the responses you get. Our well-arranged dashboard keeps you informed about the feedback coming in and our detailed reports help you to evaluate your service quality.

A complete call centre that sits inside your support system


Babelconnect by Babelforce is an app that allows the customer to take inbound calls inside the Freshdesk interface. Apart from that, it identifies call recording and SMS as well. With phone numbers linked back to Freshdesk contacts and a click-to-call feature, this app packs the power of a call center combined with a support tool.

Calls can be converted to tickets and linked to existing customers, while also having the capability to add extra call data if required.
So go ahead and make the most of these apps, and improve the way you handle support! For more apps, visit the Freshdesk Marketplace and watch this space for regular updates.