Check Out the Latest Additions to the Freshdesk Marketplace

Welcome to our monthly round-up, where we share with you some of the latest additions to the Freshdesk Marketplace. This month, we’re happy to announce that we now have 700+ apps on the Freshworks Marketplace across three products – Freshdesk, Freshservice, and Freshsales. 

There are more exciting updates coming your way, but let us start off by looking at the new apps that have entered the marketplace!

Reduce ticket resolution time by getting extended data from Loyal Guru

Connect Freshdesk to your existing Loyal Guru to get access to customer data inside Freshdesk. By getting access to customer details such as profiles, purchases, coupons, and more directly within Freshdesk, you will be able to reduce ticket resolution time. It also creates a positive customer interaction since agents can provide personalized support, and customers are saved from having to repeat any details. 

Identify and route customer issues to Freshdesk with AnswerDash Pro

This integration helps you build a smart self-service widget that’s driven by the content in your Freshdesk KB and your website. This enables customers to find resolutions to issues by themselves without having to reach out to support teams each time. In addition to this, AnswerDash Pro can be placed in front of ticketing and chat to route queries to Freshdesk agents. 

Keep track of the time taken to respond to a ticket with the Forward/Reply Time integration

Installing the Forward/Reply Time app for Freshdesk helps businesses gather useful metrics for enhancing their customer service. Every time a ticket is forwarded to an external entity, this app makes note of the time it takes for that entity to respond to the ticket in real time. This app is extremely helpful for teams that rely on third-party vendors to respond to tickets.

Improve the efficiency of your support team with the Invoco Telecom integration

The Invoco Telecom integration brings the power of telephony into Freshdesk. With this integration, Freshdesk agents will be able to answer calls without leaving Freshdesk. In addition to accepting calls, agents will also be able to pull up call history and tickets of existing customers. In the instance of a first-time caller, Invoco automatically creates a new contact and ticket in Freshdesk. 

Provide instant remote support to customers with

The Cobrowse integration for Freshdesk provides one-click access to screen share and remote control with your users, directly within Freshdesk! Once the integration is set up, agents can easily reach out to provide remote support to customers. Agents will be able to share screen, annotate, and remote control a customer’s screen. This integration not only reduces ticket resolution time but also makes it easy for customers to get their issues resolved. 

Help agents write high-quality messages with Sapling

Sapling’s writing assistant helps support agents write high-quality messages and edits their responses more quickly on the Freshdesk platform. Sapling suggests inline edits as the users are entering text. Users can accept or reject edits by hovering over suggestions and clicking on the appropriate control. Sapling’s edits include spelling and grammar corrections, as well as style suggestions. Sapling reduces agent response time and improves CSAT ratings due to higher-quality responses.

Ringover for Freshdesk brings call handling, logging, and reporting into Freshdesk

Connecting Ringover to Freshdesk enables agents to access advanced call center features such as a virtual landline, automated call activity logging, contact syncing, setting of business hours, call forwarding, personalized welcome greeting, IVR, call recording, call whisper & double-listening, call reports & analytics, and more. Ringover for Freshdesk makes it easier for customer service teams to increase their efficiency.

Review customer history and order details in Freshdesk with the Zoho inventory integration 

With the Zoho inventory app, you can connect your stores to Freshdesk to view a snapshot of a customer’s contact & order details, directly within your helpdesk​. This integration helps in reviewing all customer contact details against one email, within one window. Also, if the contact is not listed against an email, it can be added to Zoho inventory from Freshdesk. The app saves time and effort required to manage Zoho inventory tickets and the back-and-forth movement between both portals.

Convert tickets into bugs, stories, etc. with the Freshrelease integration for Freshdesk

Freshrelease is a modern agile project management software from Freshworks, meant for high-velocity teams. This integration helps support and development teams collaborate better and resolve issues faster. This integration helps support agents easily create issues reported by customers as bugs, feature requests, etc. In addition to this, agents have visibility into associated bug or feature request’s status, owner and release date, right within the ticket. No more hopping between your issue tracker and Freshdesk. 

Get instant access to customer orders within Freshdesk with the 3dcart integration

Install the 3DCart app for Freshdesk to access order information when you’re working on tickets, so you can provide faster and more contextual support. This solution provides users with the ability to access a customer’s order while simultaneously working on their ticket. Freshdesk users should use this integration to speed up efficiency and accuracy, which will in turn lead to happier customers.