10 Marketplace Apps to Run Your Customer Support like Clockwork, Even When Working from Home

Being confined in our homes has been an unfortunate reality for most of us these past few weeks. But why despair when you have apps that help you keep abreast of ticket status regardless of whether you have access to the internet or not, provide remote support to your customers at the touch of a button, and answer calls without disrupting your work. 

With this set of apps, you’ll be able to overcome any crisis and earn an indelible place in the hearts of your customers by continuing to keep up the good work. 

Asana Connect Helps Your Team Stay Focused on Their Goals, Projects, and Tasks — No Matter When or Where They Work

Create Asana tasks from Freshdesk tickets or link tickets to existing tasks. After linking, replies and comments made in a ticket will be pushed to Asana, and vice versa. Creating Asana tasks with Asana Connect lets you choose a team and a project for the task, set a due date, and even fill out custom fields – all right from the app!

Freshdesk Asana

The Bold BI – Freshdesk Integration Lets Customer Support Admins Build Custom Dashboards That can Track and Monitor Agent Performance

By leveraging KPIs, admins can build integrated Bold BI dashboards to keep tabs on agent and team performance or to gain insights on ticket volume by type or priority. They can then set these dashboards up on large-screen displays in the workplace to motivate the team. Key advantages include automatic dashboard updates and scheduled data extraction.

Bold BI Freshdesk

Call Center for Freshdesk Brings the Power of Evolve IP Call Center Software to Freshdesk to Aid Resolution of Customer Concerns

Enable your agents to help customers even faster and better by creating your own flow for callers, with the flexibility to easily adjust it at any time, including audio recordings. Some of the notable features include answering calls while continuing your current work in Freshdesk, automatic customer lookup for inbound and outbound calls, the ability to view a customer’s most recent tickets and making notes during the call. 

Call Center Freshdesk

Amazon EventBridge Makes it Easy to Connect Applications Together Using Data from Freshdesk and Helps Push Freshdesk Events to Eventbridge

With minimal configuration and setup, Freshworks events are exported to AWS, in real-time, allowing businesses to build on top of their customer data. This also helps analyze data and leverage diverse AWS services such as Amazon S3, Firehose, Kinesis, Lambda, SNS, SQS, and so on, to provide a seamless customer experience.

Freshdesk Eventbridge

Handle All GitLab Issues Right from Freshdesk with the Two-Way Gitlab – Freshdesk Integration

This integration lets you sync all your conversations between Freshdesk and GitLab. For instance, any ticket status change in Freshdesk will be added as a note in Gitlab and vice versa. Moreover, save valuable time and reduce your multitasking woes with all your GitLab issues showing up in your Freshdesk ticket as a result of this integration.  

Freshdesk Gitlab

Enable Bi-Directional Sync between SAP and Freshdesk Through the webMethods.io Integration to Address the Needs of Your Customers in Real-Time

Thanks to real-time data syncing between your SAPand Freshdesk, you can respond to the needs of your clients in real-time while maintaining proper data hygiene. You can add, edit or remove companies and contacts in SAP via Freshdesk’s user-friendly interface. At the same time, you’ll also be able to retrieve SAP customer data, contacts and support ticket details from Freshdesk. 

Freshdesk SAP

Spark by Seekify Transforms Customer Support by Training Agents with the Requisite CX-Focused Knowledge

With Spark, browse curated, contextual and CX-oriented content which is focused on customer support and customer handling tactics & tricks. Agents and managers can enroll themselves for personalized content to learn what is lacking based on their performance metrics. And check their progress through assessments on customer success skills. 

Freshdesk Spark

Plivo by Codeup.io Provides an Efficient Communication Platform During Internet Outages 

This integration ensures that the unavailability of the internet does not hamper customer service efforts. With the help of this integration, which harnesses the power of Plivo’s SMS API, you can receive text messages regarding the status (Open, Closed or In Progress) of a particular Freshdesk ticket, even if you do not have access to your Freshdesk dashboard.  

Freshdesk Plivo

Provide Remote Support Directly from Freshdesk with ISL Online

The ISL Light app allows agents to provide remote assistance to customers on Freshdesk to help solve complicated issues quickly. Initiate an ISL Light Session directly from the ticket page with the click of a button and save ticket details automatically under ISL Light Reports to help address future queries. 

Freshdesk ISL

Chatdesk Trends Auto Tags Customer Feedback Across Email, Chat, Social, Reviews, NPS Surveys, and the Like to Identify Product Shortcomings

Chatdesk Trends delivers granular customer insight about your product defects, shipping issues, top reasons for returns and cancellation, and website/app bugs, among other things. All this data, in turn, helps your team and other teams to reduce contact volume, improve self-service, increase website conversion, and win repeat sales. 

Freshdesk chatdesk

Remember it is only a matter of time before life returns to normal. Until then, be brave and weather this storm and come out stronger than ever before. For more life-saving (no pun intended) apps, be sure to check out Freshdesk Marketplace.

Au Revoir!