What’s new in the Freshdesk Marketplace – May 2017

The Freshdesk Marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds, and we’ve shot up to over 150 apps in May. Ranging from telephony apps to artificial intelligence to instant video creation, the Marketplace now boasts a wide range of apps that can significantly improve the way your business provides customer service. Shuttling between multiple screens, remembering login credentials of various apps, hunting for customer information before providing customer service – these will all be problems of the past.

Today, we’ll take you through 10 apps that just launched on Marketplace this month – each with a unique use-case that either extends the functionality of Freshdesk, or brings you a much-needed integration with a third-party solution to solve key business problems.


Improve your support process with customer reports and deep analysis of ticket data

Microsoft Power BI is a great way to interactively analyze your service and business processes. With this Invantive Bridge app, you can get custom reports or interactive analysis on your support process. You can retrieve data from Freshdesk, do comparative studies between multiple platforms like Freshdesk and your invoicing system, and lots more.


Using Invantive Bridge, you can use Microsoft Power BI and any other solution that uses Microsoft ADO.NET technology to analyze your business. All APIs are covered for.

Business Benefits: complete overview of support, custom reports to improve efficiency


Bump up agent productivity and simplify support with CloudAgent

The CloudAgent app for Freshdesk allows agents to handle calls intelligently and efficiently from inside Freshdesk. Your agents’ productivity will be improved thanks to them being able to work with both systems in a single window while updating tickets, managing calls & resolving customer queries. Agents can now personalize their interaction with the caller by accessing historical information & greeting them by name.


All the while, supervisors have access to live dashboards & access to agent productivity through detailed reporting as well as monitoring tools like call snoop, barge & whisper.

Business Benefits: easier access to customers, call logs for smoother tracking and Improved response times


Get complete customer information from Hubspot before providing support

Have you ever received a query from a new customer and been unsure of how important they are? Worry not, for the HubSpot app for Freshdesk brings in critical customer information from Hubspot and displays them right next to your ticket in the ticket details page.


View all key info including name, company, life cycle stage, lists and deals, to ensure your agent has a complete overview of who the customer is, at what stage of conversion he is in, etc.

Combine the strength of a powerful marketing tool with a robust customer support solution to ensure your customers are always given top priority.

Business Benefits: personalized support, better prioritization of customers


Provide remote support from within the comfort of your help desk

Gone are the times when your agents had to shuttle between various tabs and applications to provide remote support to your customers. Presenting the ConnectWise Control app, which will allow your agents to instantly kick off remote support sessions with your customers without ever having to leave the ticket details page.


With this app, you can use the sidebar on your ticket details page to create a remote support session and also get the link to share with your customer. Once you paste the link as a reply to your ticket, you can join the session using the Join button and get control of your customer’s machine. Solve issues instantly and make support personal with this app.

Business Benefits: improved support efficiency and quicker ticket resolution times


Know your customer like a friend

The Frrole app makes deep individual-level insights available to businesses using Freshdesk for customer support. It is powered by the Frrole AI platform that builds a comprehensive profile for each consumer based on their public social activity, including predictions about the user’s behavior, needs, interests, personality, communication style, demographics and possible choices.


  • Effective communication style
  • Customer’s interests and affinities
  • Usage of competitors’ services
  • Demographic and social profile details

What you get is a healthy CSAT/NPS score, brand loyalty and an valuable and unprecedented bond with your customer.

Business Benefits: better understanding of customers, improved brand loyalty, significantly better quality of support


Get reply suggestions for your tickets and save time spent on replies

That’s right! This Artificial Intelligence app takes ticket responses to a whole new level.

Parlamind Assist is a highly innovative and unique app that allows agents to reply to tickets faster. It does this by scanning incoming mail and using artificial intelligence to display possible replies to the customer’s query.


Business Benefits: better first-response times, quicker ticket resolution times


Create demo videos and presentations from within Freshdesk

Imagine how it would be if you could do a demo video from inside Freshdesk and simply have that stored for future reference with other customers. That’s exactly what the Hippo Wiz app for Freshdesk promises.

Hippo Wiz

You can instantly create screen-capture videos, share the link with your customer and even get customer testimonials, all without leaving your Freshdesk tab.

Hippo Wiz

Business Benefits: major reduction in ticket volumes, better self-service, organized and personalized customer support


Link similar tickets to a master ticket and eliminate duplication of effort

What happens when you have a large number of tickets coming in with the same issue, each assigned to a different agent? It can get cumbersome to sort these issues out, plus your agents may be spending large amounts of time giving similar replies to different customers.

Linked Tickets

The Linked Tickets app solves that problem by allowing you to link all similar tickets to one master ticket. Comments on the master ticket reflect on all linked tickets, so that agents can remain in the loop. Watch this explainer video that clearly defines how the app works.

Business Benefits: eliminate duplication of effort, improve support efficiency, avoid miscommunication to customers


Simplify customer interactions by managing them on your smartphone

Rolodesk brings your helpdesk features and more to your smartphone. The Rolodesk app logs SMS and call interaction back to a ticket, shows a ticket feed with the complete history of all past interactions, and allows agents to also set reminders for tasks.

Execute ticket functions, schedule SMSes and also view customer information while the phone is ringing, so that your agent knows all the details of customers and past tickets before getting into a conversation.


Business Benefits: easier and smarter access to tickets, improved customer loyalty, faster ticket resolution


Get feedback, bugs and questions from your mobile app as Freshdesk tickets

Are your mobile app users becoming irate because it’s so difficult to share feedback or report bugs in your app? That’s what the Instabug app is here for. With this app, customers can report issues or bugs or share feedback, all from within the app; and the complete details will be used to create a ticket inside Freshdesk.


The app not only mentions the issue/feedback, but also captures key info like the user’s device type, email, location, etc. to ensure your agents can have complete context to resolve the issue at hand.

Business Benefits: eliminate bugs and app issues faster, decrease the likelihood of bad reviews on app stores or social media, ensure more customer satisfaction


That’s all we’ve got for you today! We hope you enjoyed this roundup of new apps, and if you’d like to get started with any of them (or discover some on your own), click here to visit the Freshdesk Marketplace.