Kick Up Your Help Desk Productivity with These New Apps from the Freshdesk Marketplace

The all-new Freshworks Marketplace is in full swing and in case you haven’t had a look at it yet, now would be the perfect time to check it out. Over the past month, we have been steadily adding more and more intuitive and easy-to-use apps to the Freshdesk Marketplace. From an app that drastically reduces the number of tickets you encounter to an app that helps you get up to date on the latest data protection and privacy protocol, we have you covered.  

Let’s have a look at a few of these apps and see how they can elevate your workplace productivity without compromising on quality customer service:

Connect Customer Experience Data to Customer Support Data with Qualtrics

Create new tickets based on insights identified from customer feedback and automatically map customer responses into any custom object or field in Freshdesk. This helps you take stock of your customer service by updating existing tickets using Qualtrics experience data, which automatically flows to Freshdesk upon completion of a survey or any other customer satisfaction measurement method.


Automatically Pre-populate Ticket Fields in Freshdesk with Data from Freshchat with Sync Ticket Field

Migrating data from Freshchat to Freshdesk will be a cinch with this app. For example, integrating a product name from Freshchat in Freshdesk will be as easy as mapping it to a custom field in the app settings. Thus, with this integration, you can get work done faster by preloading Freshdesk ticket fields with Freshchat data.  

Aid Team Collaboration by Enabling a Two-Way Sync Between GitHub and Freshdesk with GitHub

With this integration, link your tickets to new/existing issues in a GitHub repository of your choice to track and resolve them easily. With this two-way sync, replies/notes recorded on your tickets will be automatically updated as GitHub comments which will then be reflected as Notes on the corresponding ticket page.

Reduce Your Agents’ Workload Through Virtual Agents with Solvemate

Solvemate’s virtual agent takes care of all repetitive customer requests that can be resolved without any human assistance. In situations where the customer’s query warrants human intervention, the virtual agent automatically creates a ticket in Freshdesk and by mapping the customer’s input to the right fields in Freshdesk, the ticket is directly linked to the customer’s contact information stored in Freshdesk.

Boost Agent Productivity via the Click to Call Feature in vCS

Using this integration, you can synchronize contacts between Freshdesk and vCS. Once integrated, Freshdesk agents can initiate their support calls with a single click without ever leaving Freshdesk. In addition, you can search for and view the inbound or outbound contact information directly from Freshdesk.

Collaborate with Relevant Stakeholders on Any Freshdesk Ticket with Freshconnect

This app simplifies collaboration by allowing you to start a discussion on a ticket with other agents, internal teams, and even third-party stakeholders (vendors, logistics team, etc.). Since discussions are attached to tickets, you no longer need multiple tools to collaborate nor copy-paste information every time you start a conversation with someone.

Get Your Agents up to Speed on Their Daily Tasks with EvaluAgent

Improve the quality of your customer service with this feature-rich Quality and Coaching platform that has everything you need to evaluate, coach, and engage agents. With this app, you can evaluate agents, conversations, and tickets across every channel and view them in a dashboard with advanced analytics. The insights from EvaluAgent can help you gauge how your workflows are functioning and how they can be tweaked to drive improvement.

Train Your Agents on Topics Including GDPR, Security Essentials, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and Privacy with SecurityAdvisor

The SecurityAdvisor app trains your team to be safe and compliant. To avoid any untoward incident, agents like you need to be trained on various cybersecurity and compliance related topics. SecurityAdvisor solves this problem with its large catalog of interactive training modules specifically designed for customer service agents.

Drive Your Team’s Performance with eazyBI for Freshdesk’s Comprehensive Custom Reports and Dashboards

eazyBI for Freshdesk is a powerful visualization and analytics app that enables fully customized report and dashboard building, interactive real-time data exploring, and flexible report sharing. Explore and analyze your data with instant feedback and help your team perform better, and fix issues faster with this integration.

Check and Fix Grammatical Errors in Your Ticket Responses with LanguageTool

This tool helps you write error-free replies to customers by checking the spelling and grammar of almost any text you type in your email. It is compatible with almost all text, regardless of source, and supports more than 20 languages including English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian.