8 Marketplace Apps to Help You Cope During These Unprecedented Times

The pandemic has begun showing signs of slowing down, and companies the world over are mulling resuming operations to business as usual. The need and demand for a strong, capable, and coordinated customer service team has never been greater. 

We’ve put together a list of apps that would help you and your team navigate the current situation and any future emergencies, without sacrificing customer experience and satisfaction.

Increase Your Productivity by Leaps and Bounds With 8×8’s Virtual Contact Center

The 8×8 – Freshdesk integration will help you cope with the influx of customer calls both now and in the future — once things are back to normal. With its countless features such as Click-to-Dial, Auto Logging, and Integrated Search, among others, ticket resolution time would be cut in half and your customer base double!

Schedule Remote Meetings With Customers Automatically with Zoom.ai 

Your ever so reliable digital AI meeting assistant has arrived! Gone are the days when you’d have to go back and forth with a customer when trying to schedule a meeting with them. With this app, book all your meetings at the touch of a button, plus access attendee (customer) insights and related information before the start of any meeting. 

Auto-Create a Ticket Every Time You Receive a Customer Call With The XCALLY Motion – Freshdesk Integration 

The daily grind of customer calls leaving you exhausted? Well, with the Freshdesk – XCALLY Motion integration, whenever you attend a customer call – a ticket is created simultaneously and said ticket gets auto-populated with all the necessary data. This way, you can focus your entire attention on your customers when they air their grievances, without having to toggle between multiple tools to find context.  

Automate Service Processes That Require Onsite Visits With goDeskless TrackHelp

As lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, field technicians are going to be in huge demand in the coming weeks. Brace yourself for the onslaught of repair requests if you are a home appliance brand or dealer. This app will help simplify the process of creating and assigning work orders. You’ll also be able to keep tabs on your team’s progress with real-time status updates. 

Streamline the Ticket Creation Process by Simplifying Customer Data Collection Through Typeform 

For all you Typeform fans, we have some good news. The long-awaited Freshdesk – Typeform integration is finally here! This integration will automatically create a ticket in Freshdesk when a customer enters their data in a Typeform form or survey. Not only does it make your work a lot easier but it also helps make customers’ experience personal and conversational.

Enable a Bi-Directional Sync of Hubspot Leads With Your Freshdesk Contacts in Real-Time With The HubSpot – Freshdesk Integration 

This integration synchronizes all your Freshdesk contacts with Hubspot leads. Therefore, any new contact created in Freshdesk will be instantaneously imported to Hubspot as a lead and vice versa, ensuring complete alignment of sales and support teams. 

Facilitate Seamless Customer Interaction with JustCall 

Reach out to your customers via calls or text messages directly from Freshdesk with this app. All your calls and notes are logged as tickets automatically. In addition, you can route incoming calls to a fellow agent if need be, plus merge calls with other agents if you require assistance closing a ticket. 

Disable Any Field In a Ticket to Restrict Agent Access to That Field With Disable Fields 

This handy app allows admins to restrict agent access to any field in a ticket based on prerequisite conditions (which can be changed later) specified during installation. This is especially useful if you want to safeguard a particular customer data field from any inadvertent changes. 

If you are looking for more apps and integrations to boost your team’s productivity and bolster your customer support workflow, please visit our Freshdesk Marketplace.