Here are 10 Marketplace Apps That Can Help You Tame the Black Friday Beast

Kicking off with Black Friday, you can expect an influx of guests to your e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. With our latest set of Marketplace apps, not only can you give your support agents an added boost during the holiday crunch, but also elevate your customer experience across multiple touchpoints — turning this shopping season into a revenue bonanza.

Manage Customer Data Effectively and Build Customer Loyalty with Kilterly 

Once connected, your Kilterly account will be populated with your Freshdesk data. It will use the number of tickets and the priority level of those tickets in Freshdesk to calculate your ticketing score. Increasing customer retention and lowering customer acquisition costs cannot get easier than this!

Introduce a Revolutionary Incident Management Platform to Your Helpdesk with the Zenduty-Freshdesk Integration

This two-way integration allows you to sync your Freshdesk tickets with Zenduty which reduces downtime and allows you to respond to critical events faster and with greater agility. Advanced monitoring capabilities also keep you updated on all incidents and alerts. 

Provide the Perfect Blend of Conversational AI Self-service and Off-the-shelf Automation for Customer-facing Teams with Workativ Assistant

Workative Assistant is a virtual assistant with killer features compared to a run-of-the-mill, canned response spouting chatbot, and improves employee support through automated resolution. Employees can interact with the Assistant to resolve their repetitive issues and service requests autonomously without the need to contact a help desk.

Loyally Broadsoft Call Control Lends All Major Functionalities of Broadsoft Telephony to Freshdesk Without Any Installation or Maintenance

Get complete control over your Broadsoft telephony from inside Freshdesk with this app. Automatic ticket creation for inbound calls, automatic customer lookup for inbound calls, transfer of a ticket to your colleague when forwarding a call, are some of the app’s salient features that aid in improving customer engagement.   

Set Twitter Handle on Reply Lets Admins Assign a Default Twitter Handle When Replying to Customer Tweets

This app simplifies the process of replying to customer tweets from Freshdesk by pre-assigning a Twitter handle to manage all responses. Admins also have the option of assigning a preferred Twitter handle based on the ‘Group’ of the ticket. 

Answer Customer Calls from Any Page of Your Freshdesk Dashboard with Wildix CTI

Wildix CTI is a browser-based unified communications tool that lets you make a call by simply clicking on any number in your Contacts List or Ticket page. You can also press on the green Call button on any Contact page to engage with a customer. In addition, you can create a new Contact via the popup.

55PBX Virtual PBX is a Complete Telephony Solution for Customer Service, Sales, Support, and Customer Success Teams

55PBX Virtual PBX is a cloud software that provides a telephone system to hire phone lines, IVR configurations, extensions, and service queues without the need to deploy hardware in your cpd or server area. To sum it up, it’s a complete business telephony solution that turns your phone into your best service channel. 

Improve Customer Experience with AnswerWise’s AI-assisted Customer Service

AnswerWise is an AI platform that enables customer service automation with a combination of human and AI approaches, leading to speedy ticket resolutions and considerably better customer experience. With this tool, resolve repetitive support queries quickly and automatically, saving your agents’ time and energy. 

Prodsight Automatically Analyzes Tickets for Topics and Sentiment and Generates Real-time Reports on the Most Common Customer Issues

Customer Support Managers can use the Prodsight app to stay on top of customer issues and reduce support ticket volumes by writing well-informed help articles. Product Managers will also find the Prodsight app handy in identifying feature requests and usability issues that would help them prioritize product roadmaps.

Harness SMS as a Customer Engagement Channel with Attentive 

Give your customers the best support experience possible, whenever and wherever they need it, by enabling your customer support teams to directly answer customers’ text requests through Freshdesk. Attentive also sends engaging text messages to each subscriber at every step of the customer lifecycle automatically resulting in an increased customer spend.

While these apps are sure to boost your team’s capabilities this holiday season, they also enable year-round support optimization. If you want to deliver a first-rate customer experience, do check out the rest of the Freshdesk Marketplace to find the full range of apps that integrate with Freshdesk.