Appdates from the Freshworks Marketplace – October

The Freshworks Marketplace continues to grow from strength to strength, we’ve added close to 30 new apps and integrations to the platform with more being added on almost a daily basis. Here’s a quick look at some of the apps that were added to the Freshdesk Marketplace in the past month.  

Set Up Your Call Center In Freshdesk With Kookoo Cloud Agent

KOOKOO unified desktop gives agents a single window access to all contact center applications such as multiple-channels, dialers and more. KOOKOO, with its advanced features like screen pop, ACD, skill routing, sticky agents, agent scripts etc has been proven to improve the contact center agent efficiency by 60%.

Use Instant Messaging As A Channel For Customers To Reach Out For Support Talkoo

Talkoo for Freshdesk, allows you to convert instant messenger conversations from Talkoo into Freshdesk tickets. You can then reply to customers either via email from Freshdesk or you can initiate Talkoo for chat reply. Talkoo allows you to sync with multiple IM platforms like Telegram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Get All Your Contact Information In One Place With Dynamics Crm

Dynamics CRM gets you all the key details and inputs about your customer information and customer history inside your helpdesk. This gives agents more context about their customer based on the information provided by Dynamics CRM enabling them to provide personalized support.

Hide/Disable Ticket Fields Ensures You Only See The Most Relevant Ticket Fields In A Ticket.

When there are several irrelevant default and custom ticket fields, it is time-consuming for an agent to scroll through these fields while creating/updating a ticket. With this integration, all ticket fields except the mandatory fields will be available to Hide and/or Disable. This reduces unnecessary clutter on agents’ interface and improves an agents’ productivity by showing only relevant information.

Respond to repetitive queries with a single click with Superlink Leader

Resolve repetitive client queries faster with shareable automated scenarios (SUPERLINKS). Superlinks helps you build automated scenarios to help agents quickly respond and close repetitive queries. Once your Superlink is designed, an agent simply has to share a URL with a customer. Your customer just needs to click on a Superlink sent by your support team, to enjoy an automated service experience.

Easily Transfer Customer Support Issues Into Your Service Desk With Freshservice App For Freshdesk

Easily transfer customer support issues that need attention from your internal teams into your service desk with this integration. The app is extremely useful for companies that use Freshdesk for external support and Freshservice for IT and internal operations.

Provide A Link Between Your Sales And Customer Support Teams With Easy Digital Downloads

Providing a good link between your sales and customer support systems can improve the service you give your customers. What your agents really need is up to date information. This integration for Easy Digital Downloads and Freshdesk adds purchase information to your Freshdesk sidebar pulled automatically from your Easy Digital Downloads store.

Keep Emails To The Point With Remove Quoted Text

Often, the customer willingly or unwillingly responds to your emails with the quoted text expanded. This causes long ticket threads to appear in your Freshdesk account. This app will automatically removes the quoted text from an agent’s reply email.

Use Skype For Business In Freshdesk With Tryvium Desk – Skype4b Cti For Freshdesk

This integration allows you to manage Skype4B call controls, create/update Freshdesk tickets, add new customers, customer profile screen-pop now all within your Freshdesk web portal. This integration extends Skype for Business collaboration to Freshdesk customer support teams.

Easily Access Customer Details With Highrise Crm

You can provide more targeted and personalized customer service for your customers with this integration. The primary benefit of using this app is it helps you get more information from Highrise regarding the customer who has raised the request, right next to the ticket, so you have a context regarding their problems.

Easily Schedule For Customers With Freshdesk Scheduling App

The Freshdesk Scheduling application shows Freshdesk customer support agents team-wide calendar availability and also allows them to schedule meetings between customers and ground agents without leaving the Freshdesk ticket.

Get Full Visibility Over Your Prospects And Customers Salesseek

Keep your fingers on the pulse of Customer issues without ever having to leave your CRM.
SalesSeek is a visual CRM and Marketing Automation platform that gives your team full visibility over your prospects and customers. View your Freshdesk support tickets in associated SalesSeek Activity Feeds, giving context to customer relationships.

Keep Track Of Social Media Mentions With Youscan

Instantly receive mentions about your brand on social media as tickets in Freshdesk with this integrations. This integration makes managing your mentions a part of your core support workflow. YouScan monitors all major social networks, as well as blogs, forums, and online news, automatically collecting and analyzing over 100+ millions of posts daily.

Extend Freshdesk’s Capabilities By Integrating Apiant

Extend Freshdesk’s capabilities by integrating it with other apps you love like Trello, Google Sheets, Jotform, Asana, etc. and automate your workflow.

Connect Freshdesk to thousands of apps and automate your workflow. APIANT offers cloud ( & self-hosted (AWS & Docker) app and data integration solutions for businesses of all sizes. Complete integrations in less than 90 seconds with templates and tailored solutions for specific business needs.

Create Freshdesk Tickets From Your Meeting Notes With Hugo

Hugo is the meeting note solution for Freshworks teams! Connect today to create Freshdesk tickets from your meeting notes. Once connected this app enables users to convert their meeting notes from Hugo into Freshdesk tickets with the click of a button.