Beat the Holiday Season Crunch with these Freshdesk Marketplace apps

It’s official! We’re the fastest-growing ecosystem in the world. There are 885 apps listed on the Freshworks unified marketplace — with 575+ Freshdesk apps — compared with Zendesk’s 805 and it just took us just over three years to achieve this number compared with Zendesk’s seven. As we continue to race towards yet another milestone (of 1000 apps), here’s a quick look at some of our latest additions! 

1. Access all the features of a top-of-the-line cloud telephony directly from Freshdesk with Euphoria Cloud Phone – Beta

Euphoria Cloud Phone extends your helpdesk functionality to include the Euphoria telephonic experience within Freshdesk for better productivity. Apart from the ability to make and receive calls, the cloud telephony service lets you view essential caller details such as their ticket history, status of the tickets, etc. which, in turn, help you offer personalized customer service and win customers for life.

2. Track the time you spend resolving Freshdesk tickets with the Ticket Timer app

With Ticket Timer, capturing the time you spend working on tickets happens automatically, so you don’t have to worry about setting a timer. The Ticket Timer is automatically activated when adding an answer, note, or during a transfer. In addition, two or more agents can record time simultaneously without any trouble.    

3. The CDC 3CX Telephony – Freshdesk CRM integration helps you up your customer service game in a quick and cost-efficient manner

CDC Software’s cloud-based cloud telephony integration (CTI) solutions empower your customer support teams to integrate their 3CX phone system and Freshdesk in a quick and cost-efficient manner, giving your agents access to all the information they need to delight customers every time.

4. Speed up the data import process with the AlertFind – Freshdesk integration

AlertFind is a multi-channel IT alerting and emergency notification system that keeps your organization informed when systems are down due to a service outage or cyber attack. AlertFind integrates with Freshdesk to provide targeted alerts and auto-escalation technology enabling users to send or escalate alerts to the specific individuals or teams capable of resolving the issue.

5. MOBtexting lets you interact with your customers through an exclusive communication channel for sending and receiving text messages

MOBtexting lets you interact with customers through a two-way SMS channel — without leaving Freshdesk. The integration harnesses SMS to notify customers on ticket creation, ticket updates, ticket status change, and public note on a ticket.

6. The Digital Assistant app lets you manage your Freshdesk tickets effortlessly with its AI-powered chatbot 

Digital Assistant is your personal AI chatbot that helps you work smarter and be more productive. Since this app proactively sends actionable cards about relevant changes for tickets assigned to you or for incoming tickets, your team can both manage their time better and provide top-class customer service without a hitch. 

7. Plecto is a data visualization tool that gives admins an overall view of the business by visualizing agents’ real-time KPIs

This integration gives managers a complete overview of business performance by showcasing agents’ real-time Freshdesk data and visualizing important KPIs such as open and closed tickets and tickets per employee on the popular Plecto dashboards. With features such as Reports, automating business processes to reduce manual work becomes easy, empowering agents to focus on what really matters — growing your business. 


8. Reduce multitasking and improve productivity with the Zoho CRM – Freshdesk integration that lets you view all Zoho CRM data in Freshdesk

Save precious time by putting an end to your multitasking woes with this integration. Since all your Zoho CRM information shows up in your Freshdesk dashboard, you can handle all your sales and support related queries right from Freshdesk. Vital information such as lead and contact details are all automatically synced to your helpdesk in an attempt to bring your sales and support teams closer.

9. The Appointment Reminder app reminds customers about their appointments with field technicians through automated reminder emails

When a Service Task is created for a ticket, use this app to send a reminder email about the field technician’s visit to the customer who created the ticket. This ensures that the customer is kept updated about their appointment with the field technician. Additionally, you can customize the time the reminder email goes out and schedule multiple reminders for a single ticket.

10. Configure auto-response emails and get your tickets reassigned when on leave with the Out of Office app

This app can be used by admins when agents are out of office to reassign their Freshdesk tickets to other agents or groups and to configure automatic replies for customers when they respond to their tickets. CSAT scores will never take a hit if Out of Office is integrated with Freshdesk. 

11. CustomerSuccessBox is an outcome-driven Customer Success tool that lets you track Freshdesk tickets and related metrics with the help of visually appealing dashboards

Create alerts based on volume of Freshdesk tickets in the pipeline, auto-generate tasks to build a 360-degree view of your customers, and view customer service metrics using this tool and maximize retention, drive product adoption, and grow revenue for your B2B SaaS business.

12. Access Freshdesk features inside Drupal for hassle-free management of tickets

This two-way integration lets admins of Drupal websites sync their patrons’ information with Freshdesk and gives them control over ticket management within the Drupal dashboard. Key features include:

  1. Push users to Freshdesk from Drupal including their profile photographs
  2. Map roles to Freshdesk contacts for advanced permission management
  3. Easy UI-based configuration

That’s about it for now. Hope you found this edition of the app round-up both informative and enlightening. Watch this space for further updates in the future.