Fresh out of the Marketplace Oven!

In this month’s roundup, we are excited to announce that the Freshworks Marketplace has hit 500 apps! That’s right, we now have 500 apps across Freshdesk, Freshservice, and Freshsales. You can view the entire gallery of Marketplace apps, here.

For now, here’s a look at just a few of the apps that joined the Freshdesk Marketplace this month, keep in mind this is just the tip of the iceberg! 🙂

Find Out How Your Customers Really Feel With SmileBack

Freshdesk Marketplace

SmileBack is a super effective feedback tool. SmileBack helps its users easily gather feedback after every single support interaction. With a very clear one-click on a smiley face, SmileBack has removed all the pains of providing feedback. SmileBack has seen a 39.6% response rate from its customers.

Answer Customer Queries Instantly With AmplifyReach FAQ Chatbot

Freshdesk AmplifyReach

The AmplifyReach Chatbot app provides on-demand customer engagement. If a user reaches out with a query, the chatbot skims through the knowledge base/FAQs hosted on Freshdesk to find the most relevant solution. The chatbot can also distinguish between FAQ and active task enabling the chatbot to answer FAQ questions in between a custom conversation

Understand Your Customers Better With Botanalytics Assistant

Freshdesk Botanalytics

Botanalytics is a conversational analytics & engagement tool. The bot will analyze customer conversations to understand how customers behave and send weekly reports with information relating to topics that your customers are talking about, the sentiment behind certain topics (happy, sad, angry), your supports teams’ performance, etc.

Integrate with Sharp Spring for seamless information flow with Freshdesk

Freshdesk SharpSpring

With this integration, you can create or update Freshdesk tickets when a SharpSpring form is completed. In addition, automatically create or update contacts, campaigns, leads, and opportunities in SharpSpring from new or updated tickets in Freshdesk.

Bring Telephony Features Into Freshdesk With 3CX Click To Call

Freshdesk 3CX_Click_To_Call

The 3CX Click to Call app enables users to call directly from Freshdesk via the 3CX Web Client. This eliminates the need to dial, copy, paste or edit numbers from emails or websites by offering instant outbound dialing and increasing productivity and collaboration for users.

View Capsule CRM tickets withing Freshdesk.


This integration makes it easy to fetch and view Capsule CRM tickets right in Freshdesk.

You will also be able to collect customer contact information from Capsule CRM making it easy for agents to provide personalized customer service.

Get Powerful Insights About Your Website Visitors’ Behaviour With Freshmarketer.


View insights about your website visitors easily.  You can understand your website visitors’ behavior with tools like heat maps, session replay, form analytics & funnels. You can make data-driven decisions with tools like A/B testing, personalization. Also run a quick on-page poll and get feedback from your customers.

Stay Up-To-Date With Podio Tasks


This integration seamlessly connects Fresdhdesk with Podio. With this app, you will be able to create and manage tasks in Podio from a Freshdesk ticket. Any information added or updates made in Podio tasks will immediately be updated in the co-related Freshdesk ticket as well.

Know More About Your Customers With Requester Info Plus


This app allows you to add extra fields apart from the default fields available in Freshdesk so you can show more information about your customer on the ticket detail page. Once you add the fields, every time a ticket is created, there will be a widget on the right-hand side of the ticket detail page, showing extra information about the requester under the fields added.

Know More With Brightpearl


This integration provides agents with customer information on their fingertips. Once installed, the app uses the contact email id, to get customer details, supplier details, order details, etc.

Keep Track Of Support Provided With Support Credits


This application deducts the pre-purchased credits a company has accumulated in their account, based on the number of minutes/hours spent for the support they have received to resolve tickets raised by them. Every one point of credit is equal to 10 minutes of support. Companies can purchase credits which are automatically deducted when an agent logs the number of minutes spent resolving a ticket raised by that particular company.

Get a Ticket for Every Conversation With Telegram Connect.


The Telegram Connect app for Freshdesk opens another channel of communication for customers to reach out for support. A Telegram conversation from a customer gets converted into a ticket and delivered to an agent’s inbox in Freshdesk. The ticket can then be handled like any other ticket. When an agent sends a response to the customer, it reaches the customer as an instant message in Telegram.

Increase Agent Productivity With QuickLinks


QuickLinks makes it easy for agents to pin high-priority tickets in an interactive widget. This saves time spent searching for tickets and ensures that agents have easy access to key tickets.

Make Customer Success Simple With PlanHat


Measuring customer success can be hard. From finding different systems to identifying clients that need to be prioritized, it can be chaotic. PlantHat solves all these problems and more seamlessly. It brings all your customer data together in one place to help you understand what drives success, enabling you to scale with speed.

Go Paperless With MSB DOCS – Easy & Secure Esignature Solution

Freshdesk MSB

MSB Docs App on Freshdesk’s powerful automation system enables all kinds of businesses to go paperless with its easy and secure e-signatures & document management system. Go paperless from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.