Before and After Freshdesk Mint — The Support Agent Experience

Are support agents happy with Freshdesk Mint?

This was the most pressing question we had on our minds when we introduced Freshdesk Mint a year back. Over months, we spoke to our customers to gather feedback on what people liked and disliked. We were delighted to learn that the overall feedback for Freshdesk Mint was very positive.

But we didn’t just stop with customer interviews. Using Heap, an analytics tool, we analyzed product adoption to learn from our success and our mistakes.  

Recently, we used it to understand what features our customers had used the most in Freshdesk Mint over the last year. We weren’t surprised to find out that the most commonly used features were the ones that boost agent productivity. What we found curious, however, was how these features have completely changed the way agents work with tickets on a daily basis.

I’ll take an example of an agent’s typical experience of working with a ticket before and after Freshdesk Mint to give you an idea how drastically their experience has changed. Imagine a customer support agent, Rita, working at an e-commerce company called Gourmet Chocolates.

Before Freshdesk Mint

Rita doesn’t like sounding robotic in her responses. She types out simple greetings like “ Hope you had a good weekend” “Happy Friday!” in order to make her responses sound more personal. When replying to customers that have straightforward questions, she inserts a canned response after which she edits the message to make it more personal.

Gourmet Chocolates occasionally offers a sale to its customers. During these times, a lot of customers start writing to support. On such busy days, Rita doesn’t have the time she usually gets to work on every ticket. Because of this, she finds herself making mistakes. Sometimes, she forgets to add a crucial piece of information on an email and follows up immediately apologizing to the customer.

Customers sometimes report issues for which she needs to get work done offline. In order to ensure she doesn’t forget to complete tasks on time, she marks a reminder for herself in her calendar.

After Freshdesk Mint

Rita starts finding it extremely simple to send out personal responses to customers that have similar questions. She inserts canned responses and email greetings just by using her keyboard.

She no longer gets minor panic attacks when she accidentally sends out an incorrect response. She immediately undoes her mistake. Because Freshdesk reminds her when she forgets to attach a file, she doesn’t feel anxious as often.

As soon as she logs into Freshdesk every morning, she is reminded of the tasks that she needs to have completed for the day right from the Dashboard.

In this story,  Rita starts using  4 different features on Mint. They are the same ones that we’ve found our customers to be using the most every day. In fact, the first response time has improved by 182% for our in-house support team since these features were introduced on Mint!

What our product teams carried out as an exercise to understand feature adoption, turned out to be telling of how a combination of simple features can supercharge productivity. We’ve given you a brief overview that your support team will find helpful, regardless of your team-size or background.

The Most popular features on Freshdesk Mint

Quick Actions in Ticket Replies: Canned responses isn’t always enough to save support agents time from typing out simple responses. Agents often repeat simple phrases while responding to customers.

With Quick actions, you can insert long email templates, solution articles from your kbase, or even phrases using just your keyboard.

Freshdesk mint customer support
Missing Attachment Reminder: We’ve all been in the situation where an email recipient has reminded us that we’ve forgotten to attach a file.  The missing attachment reminder for Mint will save you from such awkward moments.

Freshdesk mint customer support
Who doesn’t like an intelligent customer support?

Undo send: With “Undo Send”, you won’t have to anxiously proof-read your message multiple times before hitting on the send button. You get a ten-second window to undo your response. If you notice something that needs a change, you can modify your message and then send it to the customer.

To-Do reminders: Support agents needn’t depend on a calendar or a phone app to set reminders for tasks. In fact, they needn’t even leave a ticket to create a reminder for themselves.  The new To-Do list ensures they are reminded of their tasks no matter where they are in the helpdesk.

freshdesk mint customer support
Does your team already use these features? You might have some great ideas to share with the Freshdesk community. If not, today is a great time to start as any! If you haven’t had a chance to try Freshdesk out yet, you can sign up for a free trial.

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